Information from KTH regarding the coronavirus

Up to date information from KTH and relevant authorities. The information was updated on April 6.

Coordinated support for healthcare

Failings within healthcare has persuaded employees at KTH to launch various aid efforts. These initiatives are now being coordinated for greater effectiveness.

Wellness activities at the home office

Don't forget to spend one working hour per week on a health and wellness activity. Here some KTH colleagues share their own health and wellness activities that you can do at home, as an inspiration to get started.

“We’ve been trained to find solutions”

In the space of a few days, KTH has switched to distance education. “The courses are now back on the rails, despite the coronavirus crisis,” says Stefan Stenbom, a researcher in online learning, who has coordinated the transition.

Urgent calls related to COVID-19 outbreak

Calls in various fields to enable research and innovation related to the COVID-19 outbreak and its effect on society.


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