To handle a crisis

Kattis Jonson Berglund in the Education Office, has had an intense spring characterized by the pandemic - just like many others. The education became digital and the crisis meetings followed each other. So did the need of collaboration, speed and sync.

The LGBTQI+ network’s initiators.

A LGBTQI+ network is being initiated at KTH

The network welcomes all employees and doctoral students at KTH who identify as LGBTQI+, and others who wish to support their LGBTQI+ colleagues.

Mario Romero

How to create an effective and professional profile page

Presenting yourself and your research on your KTH profile page is a great way to be seen – as you want to be seen. This is not the time to be modest, a well thought-through profile page can do a lot of work for you.

KTH Entré at KTH Campus

Workplaces adapted as more people return

Starting 1st August 2020 more employees should be able to return to work on campus again. This is the basis of a rector's decision on what the autumn should look like for employees. All campuses are now being prepared to reduce the spread of infection and avoid congestion.

Salary review

Joint information from KTH and the relevant unions concerning the 2020 salary review.


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