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Take the chance to nominate

Now, you can nominate candidates as teacher members for the faculty council and for new faculty boards at KTH's schools. All employees and students can nominate candidates for the two different elections.

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One year of impact and innovation

Do you have an exciting research result you have started to develop towards the market? Want to join a supportive community and someone who can point you in the right direction? Then, the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program might be for you! 

An exciting autumn – together

Anders Söderholm, President of KTH and Mikael Lindström, Deputy President are looking forward to the new academic year and talk about the work going on at KTH, such as campus review, new vision and new collegial structure. It´s a part of everything going on at KTH this autumn.

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Stronger collegial influence through Faculty Boards

Strengthened collegial influence among those who know the business best. That is one of the ideas behind the new Faculty Committees that will be in place at every school from the first of January next year.

A research lab

Special research initiatives will be overviewed

KTH's has many different special research initiatives, from research centers to various infrastructures and platforms. During the autumn, there will be a review of the various initiatives to make KTH's research even more successful.

A house facade with the logotype of Danske Bank

Register your bank account to receive your pay

In October 2023, KTH will change bank for salary payments, from Nordea to Danske Bank. This means that all associates who receive salary/compensation from KTH need to register to which account the salary/compensation is to be paid, not later than October 1.

Results from the employee pulse

Now you can read an interpretation of the results from the latest employee pulse with the theme of physical work environment.

Take part of the Basic Fire protection Course

The basic fire safety course is offered to all employees, and Ph.D:s. It is also a mandatory part of the introduction of new employees at KTH. You will learn theory about fire safety and the practical use of fire extinguishers.