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Nina Wormbs

Looking at support for researchers at risk

KTH is a member of Scholars at Risk, which is now looking at the possibilities of supporting researchers at risk in Gaza. 

 "As it is an ongoing war, the situation is extremely difficult, and it has also been challenging in the past," says Nina Wormbs, responsible for SAR at KTH.

Pgoto Collage: Portrait photos of three women and three men.

Change on the agenda

What will KTH focus on and prioritise in the coming years to become even better? This you can read in the operational plan for 2024-2026, which contains the agendas for change for the schools and the University Administration as well as KTH.

Photo collage: Five house facades

The relocation from three perspectives

Three articles provide an insight into how the relocation work around our campuses is progressing and what new issues are arising and what is in focus. Those leading the work in Södertälje and Kista and Flemingsberg give their views on the situation ahead of the summer.

A house facade with the KTH logotype.

Final report on the Electrum Lab

The study of the Electrum laboratory shows four different scenarios for the lab's future.

“It's important to be clear about what role KTH wants to play in the Swedish part of the European Chips Act, says Stefan Bengtsson, who conducted the study.

Protesters in the courtyard evicted

On the morning of 14 June, the pro-Palestinian protesters in the courtyard were evicted by the police. KTH has applied for and received permission to use the land for upcoming conferences during the summer.

Ongoing construction work

Svenska kraftnät is establishing a ventilation shaft by KTH Campus as part of a major infrastructure project. In the course of this work, some disturbances in the form of noise may occur.

Ventilation shaft by KTH Campus


News at the University Administration

Kerstin Jacobsson

Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, writes in a post about vacation, vision and goals and thinking about how KTH can become even smarter as a public authority.

With the vacation in sight

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