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Does everyday life feel hard right now?

KTH´s occupational health service Avonova offers all employees two free webinars: Making oneself sustainable over time and how one can go about dealing with temporary setbacks and Alcohol, drug, and gambling problems.

Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman is principal safety representative at GVS

"In my role as principal safety representative I support the local safety representatives within GVS, but also managers in being able to take their work environment responsibility," says Peter Bergman.

 Elaheh Etemadi

Mentor program for impact and commercialization

KTH Innovation launches a new mentor program that will match KTH researchers and employees with experienced business mentors, who will bring new perspectives on research impact and commercialization and can open doors to the business community.

A warning sign about keeping a distance posted on a glass wall

The challenge of teaching in the time of Covid-19

Students and teachers are doing what they can to socially distance and reduce the risk of spreading infection. On the other hand, maintaining the same level in education as before the pandemic can be difficult according to the teachers we have spoken with.


The pandemic changed teaching

But where does the digital push forward lead to when it comes to learning? Stefan Hrastinski at Digital Learning gives us a glimpse of the future.

Make sure your event is corona safe(r)

If you plan a large meeting which cannot become digital, it is important to limit the number of participants to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Checklist for In-Person Physical Events


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