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Have a nice summer!

President Sigbritt Karlsson and university director Kerstin Jacobsson summarize the year and wish everyone at KTH a wonderful holiday after a hard and different year in the shadow of the pandemic.

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The week-long visit for RAE 2021 will be done online

Around 100 international experts will assess KTH research and present their preliminary conclusions to the KTH board.

“It will be exciting to hear the feedback from the invited experts, says Annika Stensson Trigell, Vice Presedent for Resaearch at KTH.

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He received the GDH teacher award

Francesco Fuso-Nerini conducts extensive and pioneering sustainability-related education and research. For that he received the KTH Global Development Hub's teacher award 2021.

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Education at KTH goes back to the future

When the autumn semester starts, the students will return to a completely open campus in accordance with a new presidential decision.

– It will not be back to how it was before the pandemic, it will get better! We have learned a lot during this time and we will use it, says Leif Kari, Vice President for Education. 

Mapping of digital work environment

The digital work environment during the pandemic will be mapped. As part of this, a questionnaire was sent out to all KTH's employees on 10 June. The person responsible for the survey is Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitization.

Opening hours during the summer at KTH

See when KTH's central Facility services are open this summer.

Opening hours this summer

Salary review

The negotiations of the salary review 2020 are now completed. The new salaries will be paid out with the salary payment on the 24th of June, with retroactivity from 2020-10-01.

The salary review for 2021 starts in the autumn. The time period which the salary review is based upon is 2020-10-01 – 2021-09-30.

KTH ranked 89 in the world

KTH makes the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. Celebrate with us using #KTHtop100 on social media and share why KTH is your number one university.

A top 100 university

KTH will change its cloud storage service from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive

The change is made to offer the best solution regarding functionality, cost efficiency, and availability for both employees and students.

The migration will begin in July 2021 and last until November, with the plan to discontinue KTH Box during December 2021.


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