Mikael Lindström stands outside with a view of snow-covered houses.

Open meeting on referral response

Deputy President Mikael Lindström invites all researchers on December 18 to an open meeting regarding KTH's referral response to the government's research funding investigation submitted this fall. The meeting will be held digitally via Zoom and in Swedish.

To meeting invitation and registration

A falafel salad on a black plate.

More greens on the plate becomes standard

More vegetables, fruit and legumes and less animal products on the plate. This will be the result when KTH introduces a new standard, One Planet Plate, for food ordered through catering from next year to reduce KTH's climate footprint per meal.

Reduced climate impact on the menu

Photo collage: Young persons in different environments at KTH.

KTH concentrates to three campuses

Operations at KTH Södertälje will be moved to KTH Campus and to Campus Flemingsberg. The operations in Kista, except for the Electrum Laboratory, will be moved to KTH Campus. This is what the KTH Board has decided regarding the future of KTH's various campuses.

KTH's activities are concentrated on three campuses

A person writing with a pen on a paper.

Course for everyone in sustainability work

A new course on what you can contribute to the work to achieve KTH's sustainability and climate goals is available in Canvas. Héléne Hermansson, project manager of the sustainability course, recommends taking the course in a group, preferably together with colleagues you work with.

Facelift for the research support pages

KTH’s part of the intranet that targets researchers has received a facelift. The entry has been updated with new content and features, becoming a hub for information, support materials, and contacts that researchers may need in their work.

Students at the centre at Storträffen Meet Up

Don’t miss the next Storträffen Meet up (mainly in Swedish) 4 December. Tomas Ekholm is the keynote, and THS will present the study: "A chair is not a study place". Limited seats for the after-talk in the R1!

Register for Storträffen Meet Up 4 December at 12.30–16.30

Podcast: Fika Chat with Leif Kari

Leif has been KTH's Vice President for Education since 2019. He is next week's guest on the podcast Fika Chat about the future of education.

Possibility to get vaccinated during working hours

Anyone employed at KTH has the possibility to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and/or against seasonal flu during working hours. See information on the page regarding leave of absence.

Leave of absence


News at the University Administration

A man in short dark hair with a full bookshelf in the background

In a post, Joakim Palestro, Head of Administration at EECS, talks about change and a good work environment.

Two sides of the same coin