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  • Thanks for this year!

    Published Dec 14, 2021

    In this year's Christmas greeting from Sigbritt Karlsson, President and Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, they look back on an eventful year. An...

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  • Focus on more diversity in the technology sector

    Group picture of Tonima Afroze, Karin Ask, Tahani Kaldéus, Elina Kabir and Sandra Thengius.
    The five alumni in the campaign: Tonima Afroze, Karin Ask, Tahani Kaldéus, Elina Kabir and Sandra Thengius.
    Published Dec 10, 2021

    What can you work with and how can you influence societal development as an engineer? Why is more diversity in the technology sector important? These ...

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  • KTH at the forefront in the U.S.

    A view over New York with sky scrapes and other buildings.
    New York is one cities that the KTH-delegation will visit as part of the initiative in the U.S.
    Published Dec 10, 2021

    Tina Murray, Advisor International Strategies, who is project managing KTH’s new U.S. initiative. What does this entail?

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  • Structure and energy in place to develop support services

    Portrait of Kerstin Jacobsson.
    University Director Kerstin Jacobsson is in charge of the analysis of the support services.
    Published Dec 07, 2021

    Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, you are heading the work to develop KTH support services. The work started in April. How is it going?

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  • Opening hours during Christmas Holiday 2021/2022

    Published Dec 03, 2021
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  • How the RAE 2021 findings will help KTH’s development

    Published Nov 30, 2021

    In August, a large number of invited international experts made digital visits to KTH, in order to review and evaluate KTH research. Their recommendat...

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  • Campus2030 is a testbed for sustainable transport solutions

    A QR code at the KTH House at Brinellvägen that you can scan to access the Campus2030 app.
    At the KTH House at Brinellvägen there is a QR-code that you can scan to access the Campus2030 app. Photo: David Callahan
    Published Nov 24, 2021

    A digital twin of the campus where researchers and students collaborate to test sustainable transport solutions at systems level. An app where the KTH...

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  • Reporting incidents, risks and injuries made easier

    Poster with QR-code for reporting accidents digitally
    Published Oct 29, 2021

    The process for reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries at KTH is now simpler. In the new IA-system (Information System about Work Enviro...

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  • Canvas courses help KTH researchers progress in their roles

    screenshot with facts about communication from canvas course
    This is what the introduction of KTH's canvas course on communication looks like. The purpose of the course programs is to create greater insights about KTH's activities in general and as a university and authority. The collaboration leader training is aimed at interested researchers and leaders of major strategic research initiatives at KTH. Illustration: Louise Gustafsson
    Published Oct 25, 2021

    Canvas Research Collaboration Competence courses are now offered to KTH researchers to help them deepen their knowledge and progress in their professi...

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  • Hello there Master of Ceremonies Hanna Sundelin!

    Portrait photo: A woman with brown hair, round glasses, and blue scarf against a green background.
    Hanna Sundelin
    Published Oct 18, 2021

    The president of KTH has decided on three changes for KTH’s academic ceremonies going forward. The biggest change concerns the academic ceremony in No...

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  • School faculty assemblies at KTH show tremendous engagement in KTH’s development

    The picture shows KTH's five campuses.
    KTH's faculty is spread over five campuses. The schools are also located on several campuses. Meeting digitally is an effective solution.
    Published Oct 12, 2021

    Eighteen months ago, the Faculty Assembly was replaced by two other forums for faculty influence: five independent school faculty assemblies and the K...

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  • A new centre brings together climate research at KTH

    Published Sep 28, 2021

    KTH is marshalling its forces within the climate area. The KTH Climate Action Centre has just started to map current research within climate at KTH an...

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  • Employees about working remotely

    Man in front of a window.
    Working from home is attractive to many - according to a KTH survey about the digital workplace
    Published Sep 24, 2021

    A questionnaire was organised in June about working from home during the pandemic. What were the results concerning the digital workplace?

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  • New working hours agreement for teachers – what has changed

    Wall clock on a grey wall
    Published Sep 20, 2021

    The working hours agreement for teachers dating from 1999 has now been updated and modernised. “Our hope in the negotiating group has been to reach a...

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  • When restrictions are lifted

    A lot of peole in front of a brick building.
    There will be no limits for how many people that can gather at campus from 29 September.
    Published Sep 20, 2021

    From 29 September, other official Covid restrictions will be removed. The effects this will have for KTH include the end of restrictions on the number...

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  • New KTH-RES is simpler and more modern

    Published Sep 03, 2021

    Our KTH-RES travel management system has been updated to an all-new version. The updated system includes a new and more modern user interface, and use...

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  • Recruitment of next president has begun

    Portrait of Pia Sandvik.
    Pia Sandvik, CEO at Rise, and Chair of the KTH Board and Nomination Committee leads the recriutment of the next president.
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    The recruitment process for a new president for KTH, who will take office in December 2022, has now begun. “Sigbritt Karlsson has chosen not to conti...

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  • Free Badminton or Indoor Bandy playing opportunity at KTH-Hallen

    Published Aug 31, 2021
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  • Back to work– what to think about

    Person in front of computer seen through a window
    Different individuals in a work group will feel differently about coming back to work in person. "Everyone will have experienced the pandemic in their own way, and it is important that co-workers respect each other’s differences,” says psychologist Margareta Kucera.
    Published Aug 25, 2021

    While some of us have appreciated working from home, others have hated it. And while some of us are looking forward to returning to the workplace, oth...

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  • Innovations for a more vibrant campus

    Portrait photo: A blond woman wearing av dark green blouse standing in a library.
    Lisa Ericsson, foto: Tobias Ohlsson.
    Published Aug 17, 2021

    Hi Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation. In September, you will start the Future Campus Challenge together with Akademiska Hus to see how the work en...

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