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  • The Electrum Laboratory is being investigated in the spring

    Building in bricks with flags and signs.
    The Electrum Laboratory in Kista.
    Published Feb 27, 2024

    The long-term development and ownership of the Electrum Laboratory will now be analyzed. Stefan Bengtsson, Former President of Chalmers has been assigned the task.

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  • Keep track of finances – read the annual report

    Brick buildnings in a winter landscape.
    KTH Campus Photo: KTH
    Published Feb 27, 2024

    Hello there Anna Björklund, senior administrative officer at the Management Office. You are the coordinator for KTH's 2023 annual report, which is now ready. Why should I read it?

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  • 235 members – wants to grow

    Ove Bayard surrounded by some paintings
    Ove Bayard with two of the paintings raffled off in the Art Association's annual lottery. On the left "8or" by Madeleine Pyk (b. 1934), known for her paintings in a naive style. The artist behind 'Rugged pines on the same tragic bog', Linda Lasson (b. 1975), uses only black thread to create her textile paintings. Photo: Christer Gummeson
    Published Feb 12, 2024

    Hello there, Ove Bayard, long-time chairman of the KTH Art Association, who is hoping for new members – and his successor – for the annual meeting on 21 February.

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  • Next step in campus relocation

    Anders Söderholm, President of KTH, at KTH campus.
    Anders Söderholm, has decided on the programme directive that will guide the continued work on the relocation of activities at KTH's campus.
    Published Feb 07, 2024

    "We are now going from words to action and taking the next step in the relocation of KTH's campus. These are the words of Anders Söderholm, President of KTH, following his approval and decision on th...

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  • Together we can make KTH safer and more secure

    Printed information about safety and securit at KTH on a notice board.
    Safety and Security at KTH provides employees and students with quick guidance in the event of an accident or serious incident.
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    We need to create a better security culture at KTH, says Christina Boman, Head of Security. She has now produced two printed materials to promote security on our premises, in order to reduce theft and...

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  • New phase in the development of UA

    Portrait of Johanna Stellan.
    Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration at ABE, is the project manager for the work as the development of UA enters a new, more concrete phase.
    Published Jan 31, 2024

    On 26 January, KTH's University Director made a decision on how the development of the University Administration will be implemented more precisely through a supplementary programme directive showing ...

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  • Springtime for KTH

    Published Jan 29, 2024

    New year and new term! President Anders Söderholm and University Director Kerstin Jacobsson talk about what is happening this spring now that many of the autumn's decisions are being implemented.

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  • New agreement with Akademiska Hus

    Two persons sitting at a table signing an agreement.
    Anders Söderholm, President of KTH and Caroline Arehult, CEO at Akademiska Hus signing a Memorandum of Understanding.
    Published Jan 26, 2024

    KTH's strategic and long-term cooperation with Akademiska Hus is being strengthened. This became clear through the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties on 17 January.

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  • Apply for funding from the Unite! seed fund 2024

    Published Jan 25, 2024

    Do you have a project you want to realise in cooperation with international partners? The call for applications for the Unite! seed fund is open from 15 January to 15 March 2024. This time, interested...

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  • Research education issues receive mutual KTH support

    Theses posted in the so-called thesis tree
    Standardised administrative routines are now being introduced at postgraduate level in KTH's schools. The picture shows the so-called thesis tree in the library where doctoral students hang up their theses. Photo: Christer Gummeson
    Published Jan 16, 2024

    The administrative support for KTH's 1500 active doctoral students will be standardised. The structure is called FuSam (Research Education Coordination). “We get an overall perspective on the support...

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  • Equality work is constantly relevant

    Tree woman wearing evening dresses an a man wearing a dress suite.
    The President's Equality and Diversity Prize was awarded in connection to the graduation ceremony in the City Hall on 19 December by Deputy President Mikael Lindström. From left: Carlota Canalias, Linda Lundström and Lisa Prahl Wittberg.
    Published Jan 15, 2024

    Why do women, compared to men, not seem to have similar opportunities to pursue an academic career and reach a permanent teaching position? This is what Canalias, Lundström and Prahl Wittberg wanted t...

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  • New guideline for quality work is ready

    Students sitting and listening to a lecture
    Teachers and Programme Directors at KTH have more room to conduct development work. Previously, Programme Directors were required to carry out an annual programme analysis, which is now changed to every two years. This is stated in the new guidelines for systematic quality work in education. Photo: Jann Lipka
    Published Jan 08, 2024

    An extensive task of upgrading KTH's quality work is now completed. The decision on a new guideline for systematic quality work in education was made at the President's decision meeting on 12 December...

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  • New group preparing research initiatives

    Potrait of Annika Borgenstam.
    Annika Borgenstam, Vice President for Research, will chair the new Committee for Research Initiatives from 1 January 2024.
    Published Dec 20, 2023

    As of the first of January, a group for the preparation of research initiatives will be introduced. This is one of several results of the review of special research initiatives carried out during the ...

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  • Many chose to vote in faculty elections

    Sofia Ritzén portrait
    Sofia Ritzen was re-elected as Dean of Faculty at KTH.
    Published Dec 19, 2023

    A high turnout and the candidates proposed by the election committees were elected. This was characteristic of the results of the elections to the Faculty Council and the schools' Faculty Boards.

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  • Ann Lantz continues as Head of School at EECS

    Portrait picture of Ann Lantz, Head of school
    Ann Lantz, Head of EECS. Photo: S. Kronholm
    Published Dec 15, 2023

    President Anders Söderholm has appointed Ann Lantz as Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

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  • “Grateful to work on sustainability”

    Eva in front of the blackboard in the classroom.
    “Throughout my professional life I have been interested in teaching, perhaps because I am a teacher's child”, says Eva Liedholm Johnson, winner of the KTH Pedagogical Prize. Photo: Magnus Glans
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    Eva Liedholm Johnson receives KTH's Pedagogical Prize 2023 for her persistent work on integrating sustainability and gender equality in the Civil Engineering and Urban Management programme. “For me, ...

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  • “Students' ideas can become spin-off companies”

    Farazee Asif leaning against a railing
    “An important component of my teaching is that the students see a common thread in terms of what, why and how it is taught,” says Farazee Asif, winner of KTH's Pedagogical Prize. Photo: Magnus Glans
    Published Dec 12, 2023

    The course in Circular Manufacturing Systems (CMS) is described as unique in its kind. Now Farazee Asif, who developed it, has been awarded KTH's Pedagogical Prize 2023. “I feel happy and proud to b...

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  • Opening hours during Christmas Holiday 2023/24

    Published Dec 08, 2023

    Here, you can see the opening hours for KTH's central service functions during the holidays 2023/24.

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  • Co-organization next step in development of UA

    KTH Campus in snow.
    KTH's University Administration is taking new steps in the development of a coordinated UA.
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    The next step in the development of KTH's University Administration, UA, is that staff in HR, finance and communication will be co-organized within each area from the first of April next year. This is...

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  • The course that teaches researcher’s ethical awareness

    a scientist holding a test tube
    The new research ethics course consists mainly of videos, short texts, tools and links to more information. "It is a self-study course but it can be used as part of a university course with teachers if you add examination tasks and discussion points," says research ethics advisor Fredrik Karlsson. Photo: Elias Sado
    Published Dec 05, 2023

    It is comprehensive and broad with the aim of bringing everyone up to a minimum level. This is how KTH's research ethics advisor Fredrik Karlsson describes the new course in research ethics. “Sometim...

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