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  • KTH looks at support for researchers in Gaza

    Woman in front of a wall.
    Nina Wormbs, responsible for Scholars at Risk at KTH. (Photo: Sara Appelgren)
    Published Jun 18, 2024

    KTH is a member of the international network Scholars at Risk, SAR, which works to support researchers who are at risk. Nina Wormbs, Vice Dean of Faculty and responsible for SAR at KTH, can KTH do an...

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  • Protesters evicted from the courtyard

    KTH-logotype on a house facade.
    The pro-Palestinian protesters camping in the courtyard have been evicted by the police.
    Published Jun 14, 2024

    KTH has applied for and been granted permission to use the ground in the courtyard for a conference on 17 June. This means that those who have been camping there since 14 May and who do not have permi...

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  • KTH's new agenda for change

    Man in front of an old building with pillars.
    Anders Söderholm, President of KTH.
    Published Jun 11, 2024

    KTH's new operational plan, adopted and effective from 21 May, sets out the management's agenda and priorities for 2024-2026.

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  • Report on Electrum Lab shows different paths

    Building with flafgs.
    The Electrum Laboratory report will now be analysed and discussed as a basis for a future decision.
    Published Jun 11, 2024

    The study on the Electrum laboratory carried out this spring is now finalized. It results in a number of recommendations, sheds light on the use and economy, and shows four possible options for the fu...

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  • Opening hours at KTH during the summer

    Published Jun 10, 2024

    The opening hours for KTH's central service departments during the summer.

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  • THS-building occupied

    Published Jun 07, 2024

    At lunchtime on 7 June, around 20 people, with a pro-Palestinian message, barricaded themselves in rooms on the third floor of Nymble, THS's premises on the KTH Campus.

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  • The language makes the difference

    Pointing out the word solution in a dictionary with a magnifier.
    Looking for solutions can also mean finding words that mean the same thing. (Photo: Mostphotos)
    Published Jun 04, 2024

    What does reform agenda, generative AI and local optimisation mean? And what is it called in Swedish? If you're not sure, the KTH Language Committee is always available.

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  • Security tightened after new protest march

    Published May 30, 2024

    On 29 May, a new protest march took place on the KTH Campus, disrupting ongoing activities. KTH is in close contact with the police and is increasing its security measures.

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  • Protest march on KTH Campus

    Published May 21, 2024

    Between 60 and 80 people demonstrated at lunchtime on May 21 at KTH Campus - from the courtyard, where some 30 students had been camping for almost a week - to Brinellvägen 8. The police were present ...

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  • Protesting campers in the courtyard

    Published May 14, 2024

    Around 30 students have set up camp in KTH's courtyard in protest against the war in Gaza.

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  • University Alliance Stockholm Trio's Brussels office ready for new EU Commission

    A man sitting by a white writing desk with a computer in front of him.
    Dan Andrée, senior advisor at the university alliance's office in Brussels. Photo: Aida Schievelbein.
    Published May 03, 2024

    How is the University Alliance Stockholm Trio working to influence the EU's research agenda, and what potential impact will the EU election have on research and education in Europe? We asked Dan André...

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  • The premises for the University Administration are reviewed

    Aerial photo: A large yellow building.
    Brinellvägen 8 is one of the buildings to be reviewed when the University Administration premises are to be optimised.
    Published May 02, 2024

    Work is now starting to review large parts of the premises where the University Administration staff work. “The idea is to use our premises in the best possible way, and this is also a piece of the ...

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  • Smart waste management at KTH saves money

    A man and a woman wearing dark blue jackets.
    Conny Sandbrink Fält and Sabine Micksäter. Photo: Jackie Hellsten.
    Published Apr 26, 2024

    KTH's waste management is good, according to Sabine Micksäter, sustainability strategist at the Sustainability Office, but staff and students could be better at sorting waste. Sorting would reduce the...

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  • The KTH website has a new look

    Published Apr 18, 2024

    Due to KTH's updated graphic profile, the website has undergone a series of design changes.

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  • Educational programmes renewed for the future

    A student and a teacher in front of a big screen.
    The educational programmes at KTH will be renewed in the long term.
    Published Apr 16, 2024

    KTH's education will be developed and renewed, based on six fundamental criteria. The educational offerings will also reflect the vision of KTH taking a leadership role in the transition to a sustaina...

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  • The new faculty organisation takes shape

    Portrait photo: a blond woman wearing a blue jacket in front of a light curtain.
    Dean Sofia Ritzén. Photo: KTH.
    Published Apr 08, 2024

    Hello Sofia Ritzén, Dean of Faculty and Chair of the Faculty Council. The schools' faculty boards started their work at the turn of the year. How are they doing?

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  • Co-operation key in the development of UA

    People in a library
    THe University Administration is being developed to optimally support research and education
    Published Mar 22, 2024

    How should the University Administration best support research and education? How should UA and the faculty work together in the best possible way? These are some of the questions that are ventilated...

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  • New agreements clarify working time concepts

    Published Mar 18, 2024

    Together with the trade unions, the Human Resources Department has revised three of KTH's local collective agreements, primarily to clarify critical concepts about working hours.

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  • Research committee works broadly and welcomes input

    Woman against a wall in blue dress.
    Annika Borgenstam, Vice President for research and chair of the research committee.
    Published Mar 15, 2024

    Meeting once a month, the new research committee at KTH has started its work. "We look at a number of issues without prejudice and address them gradually," says Annika Borgenstam, Vice President for ...

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  • She co-ordinates the giant relocation puzzle

    A woman in a class room.
    Helene Rune, programme coordinator for the relocation of two of KTH campuses.
    Published Mar 12, 2024

    Who will do what, when and how? Finding quick solutions, seeing the big picture and thinking strategically are the basis of Helene Rune's task as programme coordinator for the campus relocations. “It...

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