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  • Sonja Berlijn portrait
    "A great value with Slack for me as school principal is to be able to reach out quickly with uniform information", says Sonja Berlijn, Head of School at EECS.
    Slack channel at EECS an immediate success
    19 Jan 2022
    Since the 2021 spring semester, the entire School of Engineering and Computer Science, EECS, has communicated internally via Slack.
  • Portrait of Pia Sandvik in front of a window.
    Pia Sandvik is leading the work of recruiting the next president and the number of nominations indicates great interest (Photo: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin)
    Great interest in next president
    18 Jan 2022
    Around 50 individuals have been nominated, recommended for or have applied to become the next KTH president. “ The large number of nominations shows ...
  • A man in front of a screen and a whiteboard.
    Hans Wohlfarth, Head of IT, coordinates the development work, according to a new model - so-called portfolio management . (Photo: Fredrik Persson)
    New model for speeding up IT development
    18 Jan 2022
    You can have any number of IT-systems that are as good as any you could ask for in an organisation. But that will be of little benefit if IT developme...
  • Thanks for this year!
    14 Dec 2021
    In this year's Christmas greeting from Sigbritt Karlsson, President and Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, they look back on an eventful year. An...
  • Group picture of Tonima Afroze, Karin Ask, Tahani Kaldéus, Elina Kabir and Sandra Thengius.
    The five alumni in the campaign: Tonima Afroze, Karin Ask, Tahani Kaldéus, Elina Kabir and Sandra Thengius.
    Focus on more diversity in the technology sector
    10 Dec 2021
    What can you work with and how can you influence societal development as an engineer? Why is more diversity in the technology sector important? These ...

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