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Operational status for employees

  • Updated: Problems with changed schedule events in My Schedule

    Published May 15, 2024

    See updated status regarding changed schedule events in TimeEdit that can still be seen with old incorrect info in My Schedule.

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  • Updated: VPN to KTH (SSTP)

    Published May 13, 2024

    Currently, there may be problems connecting to VPN to KTH (SSTP) Use VPN to KTH (

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  • Problems with re-authentication when reporting results

    Published Apr 19, 2024
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  • E-mail - KTH IT enables strict DMARC-policy for the domain

    Published Mar 14, 2024

    This means that anyone that use external services to send email with a sender address that ends with (and have not already got a solution implemented by VS/IT) will stop to work.

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  • Update of all card readers on all campuses

    Published Feb 05, 2024

    Between February and June, all existing access card readers will be updated.

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  • Changes to MFA (Multifactor Authentication)

    Published May 24, 2023

    Microsoft has made a change in its MFA service

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  • Status for the project for retroactive deactivation of e-mail accounts

    Published Mar 05, 2020

    In line with decision (V-2019-0587) and starting 1st of October 2019, KTH will start deactivating e-mail accounts and other IT resources for people that quit KTH.

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  • Decision to deactivate e-mail accounts when employment, studies or other affiliation to KTH ends

    Published Jul 15, 2019

    The President of KTH has decided to end the practice that since 2002 gives employees and students right to keep their KTH e-mail addresses even when they no longer have any affiliation to KTH.

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