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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Welcome to the internal pages for the employees at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local EECS web navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.

EECS Support & Service - need help?

Support for staff, including teachers and doctoral students. E.g. purchases, room booking, signatures.  

paper of the month

Congratulations Boqian Wang co-author of the “Featured Paper of the Month” of the IEEE TC

Doctoral student Boqian Wang and Professor Zhonghai Lu have been awarded “Featured Paper of the Month” of the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC) for their paper "Advance Virtual Channel Reservation".

We've talked to Boqian Wang about his research.


EECS students behind platform for train travel in Europe

If you ever tried to book a train journey through Europe you know it’s a complicated business. Each country has its own system, websites and tickets – and nothing is in sync. The students behind Voyley wants it to become the go to platform for train travel in Europe, making it as easy to book a train journey through Europe as it is booking a flight.

language program

“We help professors to learn Swedish”

At EECS the tables have turned and students are now mentoring their teachers, helping them develop their Swedish language skills.

We have spoken to Oscar Barreira Petterson, master student at EECS and involved in the language mentoring program. 

President Sigbritt Karlsson

inauguration of digital futures

New initiative to build tomorrow’s society

A collaboration between KTH, Stockholm University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Digital Futures will be one of the world's foremost research centres of its kind. On 1 October, the operations at KTH Campus were inaugurated and therefore initiates a research environment with the aim of meeting major societal challenges.

Congratulations, Rodothea Myrsini Tsoupidi!

Doctoral student Rodothea Myrsini Tsoupidi, at The Division of Software and Computer Systems (SCS) has won the Best paper award for her paper "Constra...

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Welcome to EECS!

We have spoken to two new co-workers at the Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPE) Mariana Dalarsson, Assistant Professor and Qianwen Xu,...

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Return to school – practical information

Here we have gathered the local routines and adaptations that have been developed for our school, to make our workplace safe and secure for everyone. ...

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