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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Welcome to the internal pages for the employees at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local EECS web navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.


With focus on delivering an adequate administrative support

The professional support gathered at a conference where the theme was "close to business". We spoke with the school's Head of Administration Joakim Palestro about his thoughts and conclusions on how we can provide the best support.

eecs summer event

Summerfest filled with magic

After an exciting afternoon filled with lab tours and seminars, it’s time for our school to celebrate in traditional Swedish style. We have talked to Annika Wendell from our school’s event team, who has been planning the party together with Annica Johannesson.

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aem 19 may

Don't miss the latest school news

On 19 May, 9:00–9:30, it's time for the All employee meeting. You can join both digitally or on-site in Henrik Eriksson , KTH campus. Also, come and have a fika from 8:00.

winner of kTH’s pedagogical prize

He helps students grow

At Kista Mentorspace there are only two rules: if you do not know, you must ask and if you do know, you must teach. Mark Smith, who works at Mentorspace, is now awarded KTH’s pedagogical prize for encouraging mentorship.

Hamid Ghasemirahni and Daniel Lundén, the Division of Software and Computer Systems (SCS)

Two awards for the Division of Software and Computer Systems

We talked to Daniel Lundén and Hamid Ghasemirahni who have both recently been awarded for their research.

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Nalen: Celine Helgesson Hallström

Meet the winner of SEB Tech Talent of the year 2022 – Celine Helgesson Hallström

Curiosity, motivation and a broad mix of subjects gave Celine Helgesson Hallström, student in the master’s programme in Machine Learning, the SEB’s award for Tech Talent of the year 2022.

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Ann Lantz

Ann Lantz on the teachers' conference

We spoke to Ann Lantz, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at EECS, about the teachers' meeting on 25 April.

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