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Excellent Research Environments

Smart Mobility Lab

At KTH's Smart Mobility Lab, researchers and students are working on developing and testing intelligent transport solutions. By remote they control miniature cars in simulated traffic situations. By connecting vehicles with the surrounding traffic system, they work to make future transport safer and less harmful to the environment. They look for example at how much fuel that trucks can save by driving in Konjov or to using GPS data to get the fastest mileage in terms of traffic situation and time, not distance.

Sustainability from an international ambassador's perspective

During week 47, the school's subject area, linked to sustainability, will be highlighted through a variety of activities in KTH's social media channels. EECS's new international student ambassadors will gather inspirational material such as filmed interviews with PA's, student and research projects, an innovation or meeting with an alumn. On 21 November, we will also do a webinar that presents the school's subject areas with sustainability as the red thread. The purpose of the theme week and these activities is to inspire and attract international prospective students to apply to school's programs.

Student event

Great success for Giants

Lectures, workshops and a mini-fair that provided opportunitys to answer questions about education from KTH students and teachers. This year's Giants event on Saturday, 9 November, offered a full-fledged program and attracted a record number of participants, 230. The enthusiasm among them was also not to be missed.

Support Joakim Jaldén to win "Forskar Grand Prix"

Joakim Jaldén will participate at this year's Researchers Grand Prix, 26 November at Nalen, Stockholm. The competition challenges researchers to present their research in a captivating, inspiring and educational way – in just four minutes. It is the visitors along with the jury that decides the winner.

Book a ticket in the crowd

The school's research labs opens up to visitors

In connection to the announcements of the Nobel Prizes, the Nobel foundation arrange Nobel Calling, a week when Stockholm turns into the world capital...

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World champion in choral singing

Swedish choir ‘Rönninge Show Chorus’ recently won the World Championship in Barbershop (acappella singing), and one of its members is Elizabeth All, H...

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New framework for fruit and milk

As of 2 September KTH has a new framework agreement regarding fruit and milk.

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