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The school's organisation

The school's work is described through the established work- and delegation scheme. It describes all the school's groups and councils. Decision made by the Head of School's is published in the school's document archive.

Layout of the school's organisation
The school's organisation

Abbreviations of titles

FFA = Responsible for Future Faculty, FFA = (Ansvarig för framtida fakultet)
FSCE = First and Second Cycle Education, GA = (Grundutbildningsansvarig)
TCE = Third Cycle Education, FA = (Forskarutbildnings ansvarig)

EECS's departments

The departments are responsible for first and second cycle education as well as contract education. The divisions are responsible for matters related to research and third cycle education.

Each department is led by a head of department (Swedish “prefekt”) who is charge of planning, budget and quality follow-up related to basic and advanced education within the departments field. The GRU funds are divided on department level and the departments staff courses with teachers from the divisions. The formal responsibility for the teaching staff lies with the divisions. The FoFu-funds and funds for third cycle education are divided on division level.

EECS's departments

EECS's divisions

Find the school's divisions at the external web's front page. 

Divisions at EECS