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Information from the purchasing manager

Which vendors can be hired for catering on which sites - and what rules apply when you buy a new camera? All the answers can be found in the latest info from the purchasing manager. Also: the latest information about e-commerce and orders in WISUM during the Christmas and New Year holiday.


One year rule applies to receipts

Travel officer Therese Feierbach reminds everyone that a one year rule applies to all receipts. This means that receipts older than a year will not be valid in order to get your travel expenses reimbursed.

The rule takes effect on January first, 2020.

Read more how to manage your business trips here.


Time to implement Edge

During the autumn, the service group and the infrastructure group has run tests of the new customer management system, Edge. From December 2nd, they will work in the new system, which means that all request concerning the two groups should be sent to .


Introduction for new employees improved

The HR department have come up with new guidelines and materials for the introduction of new co-workers at the CBH School. The aim is to save money and time for the employer and the employees alike, to improve the general well-being, and reduce the risk of new co-workers leaving CBH too quickly.

CBH Calendar

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