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Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH) at KTH. Note that the menu for KTH's overall intranet can be found above in the header.


Feel Good Bingo is an opportunity to find new habits

On 11 March, Feel Good Bingo will be launched. CBH News met Camilla Blomgren and Åsa Jewson, the contact persons for Feel Good Bingo.

Smiling man.
Sebastiaan Meijer. Photo: Sabina Fabrizi, KTH

Campus relocation

Sebastiaan Meijer on the move to Flemingsberg

Sebastiaan Meijer is Professor of Healthcare Logistics and Deputy Head of School at the CBH School. He leads the team responsible for the move of the foundation year programme from Södertälje to Flemingsberg and can answer most questions about the project.

“I've just renewed my lorry driving licence, so maybe I can drive the moving truck myself!”

Madeleine Sidoli
Madeleine Sidoli is new to the CBH School's infrastructure group. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH


Welcome, Madeleine Sidoli!

Madeleine Sidoli is new to the CBH School's infrastructure group. She works together with both the infrastructure and service group, currently mainly as head of department support and management support. She has previously worked for SCI, but during the spring she will transfer completely to the CBH School.

“It feels very exciting to get acquainted with a new part of KTH. During the autumn, I worked part-time as management support at CBH and have thus already got acquainted with some parts of both the core business and business support.”

Administrative support

Jon helps you reach out

When can you contact a communicator? The answer is simple: always!

Meet Jon Lindhe, Communications Officer at CBH School, who does everything from photographing new employees to sharing new research on Linkedin.

Statue above KTH Campus.

Co-organization next step in development of UA

The next step in the development of KTH's University Administration, UA, is that staff in HR, finance and communication will be co-organized within each area from the first of April 2024. This is one of several points decided by the President in an orientation decision on how UA will be organized in the future.

Environment and sustainable development

The CBH School works actively for a sustainable development on several levels. Our research and education contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have an environmental management system and is a workplace that strives for increased sustainability in our daily processes.

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