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Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH) at KTH. Note that the menu for KTH's overall intranet can be found above in the header.

CBH-student studerar med en vän.


Extra foundation year programmes contribute to broadened recruitment

The new extra foundation year programmes that were launched last autumn is a key to broadened recruitment, according to Sebastiaan Meijer and Svante Granqvist in Flemingsberg.

"With this online version we are perhaps able to attract students from less advantaged backgrounds to a greater extent. Students who otherwise would not have imagined applying to us,” says Sebastiaan Meijer.

Tuuli Lappalainen.


NGI gets new director

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) at SciLifeLab recruits genetics researcher Tuuli Lappalainen from the New York Genome Center as new director for NGI.

"I am excited. The scientific community over there is fantastic - at SciLifeLab and KTH and at the department. There is really top notch science going on in genomics and genetics and fantastic methods and technology developed that are thriving the field forward. There is also a larger scientific community that is exciting" says Tuuli Lappalainen.



Continued call to work from home until 31 March

Updated information from KTH regarding continued working from home. Managers and employees must, in consultation, ensure that only those who must be on site for operations to function work on campus. Others must work from home. This applies until 31 March 2021. Apart from this, operations continue according to previous plans and decisions.

KTH:s logga.
Bild: Petter Karlberg, KTH.

Salary review

About the salary process

During 2020 the central agreements where postponed due to the current pandemic. However, the central and local agreements have now been negotiated and the salary review can therefore take place.

As an employee at KTH you are entitled to a salary dialogue with your closest manager. The salary dialogue should focus on your work performance during the past period of agreement (20191001 - 20200930) in relation to current salary criteria. During the dialogue, you have the opportunity to explain your work and contributions. It is important that you and your manager are well prepared to ensure a good salary dialogue.

Information from KTH regarding the Corona virus

KTH urges all employees to keep up to date with the latest information about the new corona virus and the spread of covid-19. There is a page that is constantly updated at KTH's intranet.

Under certain circumstances, the period of doctoral studies and employment as a doctoral student may be extended as a result of COVID-19. Read more

Environment and sustainable development

The CBH School works actively for a sustainable development on several levels. Our research and education contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have an environmental management system and is a workplace that strives for increased sustainability in our daily processes.

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