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Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH) at KTH. Note that the menu for KTH's overall intranet can be found above in the header.

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About the salary process

During 2020 the central agreements where postponed due to the current pandemic. However, the central and local agreements have now been negotiated and the salary review can therefore take place.

As an employee at KTH you are entitled to a salary dialogue with your closest manager. The salary dialogue should focus on your work performance during the past period of agreement (20191001 - 20200930) in relation to current salary criteria. During the dialogue, you have the opportunity to explain your work and contributions. It is important that you and your manager are well prepared to ensure a good salary dialogue.


Check out the new CBH email guide

Email is an important way to communicate but it is also something that creates a lot of stress and irritation. Originating in the 2020 work environment plan, the CBH School has now produced an email guide that can provide guidance on how to use email in your work in the smartest and most efficient way.

"The email has replaced the phone today, but when we can’t talk face to face, it is easy for what we write to appear harsh. It also remains and can be read over and over again," says Lena Niemi Birgersdotter, work environment specialist at CBH.

Kaffekopp och dator på bord.

Side activities

Report side activities for 2021

According to Swedish law, all civil servants have to report their side activities to their employer. This is primarily done so that the public can have confidence in governmental activities being conducted in a manner characterized by good quality and impartiality. The CBH School collects information on side activities from all employees with the exception of doctoral students. All employees have received an email from the HR unit with more information and forms for reporting. We need your answer before the January 31 2021.



Everyone who can should work from home until 24 January

On 18 December, the Government and the Swedish Public Health Agency strongly recommended everyone who does not absolutely have to be at their workplace, to work from home until 24 January. A special request regarding this was addressed to public authorities. All KTH employees, in consultation with their managers, are to work from home unless their presence om campus is absolutely necessary until 24 January. Apart from this, operations continue according to previous plans and decisions. 

Information from KTH regarding the Corona virus

KTH urges all employees to keep up to date with the latest information about the new corona virus and the spread of covid-19. There is a page that is constantly updated at KTH's intranet.

Under certain circumstances, the period of doctoral studies and employment as a doctoral student may be extended as a result of COVID-19. Read more

Environment and sustainable development

The CBH School works actively for a sustainable development on several levels. Our research and education contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have an environmental management system and is a workplace that strives for increased sustainability in our daily processes.

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Do not hesitate to contact  if you do not receive CBH news in the email or if you have a news tip!

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