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Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local ITM navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.


Countdown to return to campus

Now we are getting close! Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration at ITM, is longing to return to her office and meet all colleagues "live" again. A good kick-off in autumn is her advice for a positive return, together with workplace meetings where you can bring up your thoughts about working remotely and on-site.

Christina Carlsson's blog (Eng+Swe)


The Department of Learning praised for its KULF project

Three Stockholm municipalities have been given the chance to both contribute to and take part in research that KTH's teacher students do in their degree projects. The "KULF" project at the Department of Learning, has received good attention for its results.

Schools supported by KTH research

A pineapple next to a pool.


Time to plan your holidays!

If you have a form holiday, enter your holiday in the self-reporting system. At least 20 days per year must be used. The last day to register this year's summer holidays, and holidays to save for next year is May 10. If you have a pattern holiday, agree with your boss when planning your holidays but do not register anything. You will receive your holiday supplement in December.

Holidays at KTH


Autonomous boats are soon a reality – how to assure safety?

Fredrik Asplund (Machine Design), and Pernilla Ulfvengren (INDEK) will investigate how onshore control centers can play a role to assure safety at sea. Learn more about the BOAUT research project in a short video.

Boundaries Of AUTonomy video (Swe and Eng subtitles)

Photo by fauxels from Pexels.

The meeting idols in my life

There are plenty of meaningless meetings. The ones where you wonder why you are invited, meetings that you do not understand the purpose of, or where ...

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Graphic portrait of Andreas Alm Arvidsson.
Andreas Alm Arvidsson, Educational Administration Manager at ITM, leads the KTH project Local Support.

Schools get local support for digital teaching

Now all schools will offer their teachers help to make the education digital. Andreas Alm Arvidsson leads the project ”Local support” with the goal th...

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Man choosing between two roads.
Photo: Ladislav Babienko, Unsplash

Fredrik – an ethical compass at RSO

Ethics and research are more intertwined than one might think. As ethics issues end up higher and higher on the agenda, KTH employs an ethics expert. ...

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