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Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local ITM navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.


Order catering on time

Our procured restaurants and cafés have busy days in May–June. Please place your order at least a week in advance and keep track of holiday times, so everyone can be happy and satisfied.


In need of an ethical review?

Do my studies of people's mobility patterns on footpaths need an ethics review? Using the checklist from KTH's Research Support Office (RSO) makes it easier to understand when researchers need to apply for an ethical review.


The finances under constant watch

Head of School Pär Jönsson aims to have the finances under control: "At campus Södertälje, we are investigating four scenarios. And in the machine quarter, we try to maximise the lab utilization".

Pär Jönsson's blog post (Eng+Swe)


KTH's new University Administration

As of 2023 KTH now has a common administration for all schools, however, how we will work will not be clear until 2026. You can find almost everything regarding the merger on the ITM school's web pages.

New University Administration (swe)

Portrait of Mats Magnusson
Mats Magnusson. Photo: Anneli Nygårds

New hats for Mats Magnussson

Responsible for lifelong learning (LL) and impact on ITM, new second deputy head of school. Hi there, Mats Magnusson, also director of third-cycle education, how come you take on these new challenges,...

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Group photo of two women and three men who are smiling.
From left to right: Joakim Lilliesköld, programme manager of Future Education at KTH, and Sofie Kim, programme communicator, Linda Barman, Department of Learning and moderator during this year's conference, Johan Flid Fridell, host of the podcast "Fikasnack about the education of the future", Per Fagrell, programme coordinator.

Rethinking the crisis

Running a major change program for educations at KTH in the shadow of savings requirements and high costs for premises may raise some questions. The answer, however, seems to be that forward-looking i...

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Collage from labs, emergency numbers, defibrillators, IT hackers, students in libraries and papers.

Security at KTH a balancing act

An explosion in KTH's entrance at campus Kista, routines to protect our research results from theft, break-ins, and security analyses – consultant Elias Tapper's year at KTH has been varied. Improving...

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