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Welcome to ITM School!

It is important that you have a good start as a new employee at ITM School. Here you will find an introduction, important links and courses that you can participate at KTH.

About the ITM School

The school consists of six departments located at Campus Valhallavägen and Campus Södertälje. The School Management , Communications ITM  , Finance ITM , HR ITM , School's Office for Student Affairs  and Service Center  are located at Lindstedtsvägen 30. There is also a service center located in Södertälje.

To-do list for new employees

So that you quickly become a part of us.

For all new employees

  1. Read information for you who are new to KTH . Here you will find information about KTH's vision, KTH's organisation and personnel policy as well as the digital onboarding.
  2. Enter information about next of kin in the self-reporting HR-plus .

  3. Read about your employment . You will find information about employment conditions, benefits, working hours, work environment, leave and much more.
  4. Create your profile page . Please e-mail ​​​​​​​ if you need a portrait of yourself.
  5. Sign up for KTH's compulsory Environmental courses for employees  and Basic course in fire prevention. Also sign up for the education on GDPR and other digital educations on, for example, communication and Canvas' learning platform. KTH's courses for employees (Swedish) .
  6. Test your access card and key.
  7. Ask your manager or supervisor what software and licenses need to be ordered.
  8. Import KTH's email signature .

To get a salary and a correct tax deduction

Moving to Sweden

If you move from abroad there are a few things to do before arriving in Sweden. KTH Relocation provides support to those who are new to Sweden.

Your welcome folder with useful information

When you start at the ITM School, you receive a welcome folder with the following information:

Secondary occupations

Do you have assignments alongside KTH? We appreciate that you, as an employee, have contacts with society and business, but it is important to keep track of the rules that apply to side-line activities / secondary occupations.

Guidelines on secondary employment

Finance for project managers

As a project manager in an external project, there is a lot to keep track of. In a series of five films, the animated helper Charlie will lead you through all the financial procedures that come with a project.

Business trips

Before booking a business trip it is important that you know the travel policy and process of the ITM School, all the way from planning, booking and insurance to making a travel bill.