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Your profile page and contact lists

Profile pages are among KTH's most visited web pages. The profile page is the place to describe yourself and your work, both for external parties and employees at KTH. The profile page is also linked to the personnel list for your unit, so that people can easily contact you.

To get started with updating your profile page, click on your profile page  and watch the tutorial here: 

Tips for your profile

  • Have a profile picture. Contact  if you need a new photo.
  • Write an overall text focusing on your research or work area. The target group is potential financiers, research colleagues around the world, media and colleagues at KTH. Consider their perspective and write a text that communicates what you do, what your background is and your areas of expertise. Note! Hobbies and personal opinions do not belong here.
    If you are a faculty member, you can use the following headings:
    • Research area / teaching area
    • Impact
    • Background / examina
  • Add hashtags at the bottom of your page - this will increase your hit-rate in search engines such as Google.
  • Add subpages, known as portfolio pages, for deeper information about a specific topic, for example a research project.
  • Activate your research ID's to make them appear at the top of the page.
  • Activate the link to your publications. A connection to Diva allows all your Diva publications to be visible on your profile page. 
  • Activate the link to your courses. The information is gathered directly from KOPPS. 
  • Add your room number. Find it above your door, search for it on KTH Places  and copy the web address into your profile page.
  • If your title in English, your address or phone number is missing, please e-mail

KTH's information on profile pages

If something is wrong in contact lists and profile pages

  • The unit name is incorrect: Contact .
  • There are stale units in the staff directory This is because people remain in old units. Announce the salary unit  if the people in question have quit or which unit (abbreviation) they belong to.
  • The unit name is not transtated to English or is incorrect: Contact Robert Lawesson .
  • A title is not translated on the English profile page: Contact .
  • A person who has quit or is long-term absent is still listed in staff lists. Contact .
  • Industrial PhD students and other non-employees are missing in our staff lists. People who do not receive salary from KTH, but are still connected to research groups can be entered into HR plus manually. Contact  and attach the name, social security number, unit, title and contact details of the person in question.