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Communication support for ITM

KTH's communicators work with internal and external communication and supports you as an employee when you have information you want to reach out with. Do you need a film that conveys your research? Did you open a new center that needs a website, or do you want to sharpen your writing skills? Here you get examples of what you can get help with.

Dream big

Strategic partner

Contact us early in the planning of a conference or a new center so we can carve out target groups, messages and communication strategy together.


This is what we can

"No request should get stuck at us." Within the unit, we can write, take photos, produce videos, publish on the web, review your presentation and much more. If we do not have time or the right skills, we are the link to support at KTH or to an external party.

People together at their computers

Training and networks

You are KTH's link to the outside world and it matters how you communicate. Therefore, our mission is also to teach you to be a better communicator. ITM's web editors' network  and the Spread your research  campaign are two examples.

From 1 April 2024 finance is part of a KTH-wide organisation. If you work at ITM, you can find further information on this page.

Contact communicators supporting ITM

If you work at the ITM School and need communication support, please email  or contact the following people:

Persons responsible for communication at KTH

What do you need help with?

Reach out with your news

In order to create impact, it is important that we tell the outside world what we are working on. Cherish your media contacts, meet the media in a professional way, and let us know if you have news that could become an article, a notice or a press release. 

Tip  and .

Read about how you can reach out with your news at KTH

Learn how to meet the media in a professional way


ITM-specific information material (PowerPoint and PDF)

KTH's overall presentation material (PowerPoint, film, folder and more)

KTH templates for PowerPoint

Update your profile page

The profile pages are among KTH's most visited pages. The profile page is your place to describe yourself and your work, both for external stakeholders and for employees at KTH.

Learn how to update your profile page

Contact if you need a new portrait

Arrange an event

It is worth paying a little attention to an event, even if it is "just" a seminar. Reaching the right target group, making them want to participate and then getting to know what they thought, makes a seminar more meaningful.

KTH's support for major events and conferences

School advice and tips for smaller events

Film production

Video is excellent in some cases. For shorter film productions for web and social media, KTH's communications officers can handle everything from script to end product. If you need a professional production, we can put you in touch with KTH's media production or advertising agency.

Contact if you need a film


If you need high-quality photos, we will put you in touch with one of our procured photographers. Then a half day with a photographer costs around SEK 7,500, which results in up to 10 photos. KTH communicators can take your portrait.

Contact with your photo request

Web publishing

If you need help publishing on the web, there are designated editors who take care of it. There is also a webmaster for the ITM school who provides advice on structure, policies and web ergonomics.

Contact ITM's web editors

Sign up for the Polopoly course if you are about to start publishing online

Advice to ITM editors

Learn digital accessibility

Contact if you need a new website

Use social media

KTH communicates in a number of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn and Youtube). Feel free to use your personal profile pages in social media, but do not start an organization page without first consulting the communicators.

Tip about a news for topic based pages on LinkedIn

Learn how to use your own social media channels

Profile items and printed matter

Ordering prints and profile products at KTH

Learn to communicate on your own

Making your research results visible in other channels, than scientific journals, means that more people can come into contact with the research. You thereby increase the chances of more people reading, discussing and sharing your articles. Within Spread your research , we collects tips, checklists, courses and lectures that can make you a better communicator.

Contact communicators supporting ITM

If you work at the ITM School and need communication support, please email  or contact the following people:

Persons responsible for communication at KTH