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Altmetric data – monitor your research outreach

By using altmetric data, you can measure and follow how research is being disseminated and discussed, such as how articles are cited and shared on social media, in news media and in documents.

What is altmetric data?

Altmetric data is an easy and concrete way to monitor the results of KTH’s knowledge dissemination and collaboration with wider society. The data is aggregated from the digital tracks that scientific publications leave behind online.

Scientific results are often published and discussed online. If you use the right tools, it is easy to measure, monitor and evaluate online publications.

For researchers, reviewing your altmetric data can help to increase the visibility of your scientific work and enhance your understanding of how it reaches beyond KTH. By monitoring the spread of your research and reflecting on its impact, you can plan for new activities that will increase results.

Benefits of working actively with altmetric data:

  • Reach a wider audience with your work and results.
  • Increase the impact and influence of publications.
  • Help raise the level of knowledge in your research area.
  • Increase the number of citations.
  • Contribute to ranking results for KTH.

Remember to share and tag

Altmetric collects data from many sources where a publication is referenced or mentioned, such as social media, news articles and documents. Your work or publication’s unique identification number, such as DOI, PMID or ISBN, must be included in the source for a reference to be indexed by the tool. This means that there must be a link directly in the text of a blog post or tweet, for example. 

The same principle applies to communication in your own channels. Make it a good habit to share progress and results, such as published articles or conference contributions, on your profile page, web page and social channels. And remember to include the identification number!


KTH Library helps staff and students with issues related to publication, searching for information and measuring data, as well as using databases, search engines, bibliometrics and altmetric data.

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