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Create an efficient profile page

Your profile page at KTH is the public presentation you display to journalists and industry partners. By continually updating your profile, you can reach further, and more people, with your research.

Your profile page is your personal space on KTH’s website. As well as providing basic information and contact details, it is an opportunity to present yourself and your work in text, images and videos, in Swedish and English.

KTH’s profile pages rank highly in search results and have good page-visit statistics. This is due to their strong connection to the KTH brand, which is highly credible and therefore ranked highly. This means that when, say, a journalist or a potential collaboration partner searches for your name, they will quickly find and visit your profile page.

Building your profile

For researchers, the personal profile page is a space to describe your own work and field of research. There are several ways of structuring your profile. For example, you could start by introducing yourself with information on your background, education and career, or begin with your current and most recent work or research projects.

Your profile should provide visitors with a cohesive and professional introduction to you and your work.

Writing the text

  • Start with the essential information. What do you want to say, and what do you want the reader to know?
  • Include what you are working on currently (could be part of the introduction).
  • Connect your research to current events, concrete applications or societal impact.
  • Include keywords connected to your research area. Keywords will make your profile page even more accessible and easy to find via search engines.
  • Create subpages (portfolio) with detailed information, for example on a specific research project or with media references.
  • Use sub-headers if the text is long – this makes it easier for readers to navigate your profile.
  • Include links to department or division webpages.
  • Keep in mind that the reader may not have previous knowledge about you or your field of research.

Use the key functions

  • Have an updated and professional profile picture.
  • Activate researcher ID on other sites, such as ResearchGate and Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID) . If there are additional sources that you would like to add, add these as links to the right of the text area.
  • Activate functions for courses and publications.
  • If possible, have both Swedish and English versions of your profile.
  • If you are missing or need to correct something that you can't edit yourself, for example, your title or phone number, please contact the HR unit at your school as this information is collected from HR+.

Profile pages at KTH

Only you can edit your profile page. The basic information, such as phone number and title, is retrieved directly from the HR+ system.

About the profile pages

Editing your profile page