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About profile pages at KTH

All users provided with a KTH account have the ability to maintain a profile page on the KTH web site, available at the web address[KTH-username].

With a portrait image, description and other additional information, you will be more visible to students, colleagues and the world around you. An updated comprehensive profile strengthens your role at KTH both inwards and outwards. You become more searchable online, easier to get in touch with and your part in activities at KTH clarified!

For employees

As an employee at KTH your profile page is always public. You can however, affect the parts of the profile page that will be visible to everyone, only for KTH users or only yourself. Contact information retrieved from KTH HR records is always public. If your profile page for special reasons should not be publicly displayed, please contact your nearest Human Resources Officer.

For students (or other non-staff users with KTH account)

As a student at KTH (or a non-staff user provided with a KTH account), you choose if your profile should be public (visible to all), only displayed for logged in users or if it should be private and only visible to yourself. As long as you do not make an active choice, ie make any content available for public or logged in users, the profile page will stay visible only to yourself.

A previously private profile will become public if it contains content that is public. Similarly, content displayed to logged in users will make the profile visible to logged in users. The content with the highest degree of visibility gives the profile's visibility. (The profile shows different content to different visitors though depending on the visibility of the different elements.)

All content posted by students are reviewed by KTH. That also applies to content with limited visibility.

Publication of content on the KTH profile pages is regulated by this document:

When you publish content on your profile page you need to be familiar with the guidelines and instructions that this document prescribes. Pay particular attention to what it says under the heading "Information requirements for publishing". In case of publication of unauthorized content KTH reserves the right to unconditionally delete content. Where abuse is classified as criminal offenses KTH can take legal action.

Keep valuable content safe!

Note that KTH reserves the right to remove your profile page after your studies or your employment at KTH has ceased. Therefore, make sure that the information you post and want to preserve also is kept elsewhere!