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Editing your profile page

Here's how to maintain the different parts of the profile page. Some content items are retrieved from other source systems and need updating there.

This video clip gives an overview of how to update your profile page. Read more about the different profile parts further down the page.

Contact details

Name, title, organization, address, e-mail address and telephone number are shown in KTH staff profiles only and are retrieved from the KTH's HR system. That goes for information in both Swedish and English. Contact your nearest staff manager to change this information. As an employee, you cannot hide this information.

If you are registered in the Ladok study system, names are in accordance with the Statens personadressregister (Swedish Population Register). To change this information contact the Swedish Tax Agency: . If all of your given names are shown on the profile page you most likely does not have a first name set in the national register.

If you have additional information set in the HR system (such as mobile number, alternative title, etc.), this is displayed at the bottom of the contact information.


Enter room as follows:

  1. Find out which number your room has in accordance with the KTH location register. It usually appears by a small white sign above the door.
  2. Go to the KTH site service at  and search for the room number. Click on the search result that matches your room and cut out the URL of the page that appears.
  3. Paste the URL into the room input field on your profile's contact page.
  4. Save the contact page. A link to your room is created on the profile page.

Researcher ID

ORCID ID: Your ORCID ID is automatically displayed on your profile page if it is linked to KTH. How to create and connect your ORCID ID ​ .

ResearcherID: Your research ID at .

Scopus ID: Your Scopus Author ID. If you have a publication indexed by Scopus, you also have a Scopus ID. Search  to find your ID.

Google Scholar ID: Your research ID at .

ResearchGate: Your ResearchGate username at .

Biography ("About me")

By editing your About me-information, you can write a text about yourself and your profession. Separate text area fields apply for the Swedish and English version of the profile page. Above the text areas, set which is the default language of the profile. It determines the language of your profile when the default URL is specified ( Visitors can then switch between language versions via the language link in the header.

If a Swedish About me-text is missing, English text is also shown in the Swedish version of the profile, and vice-versa.

File manager

In the text area toolbar (of the editor invoked when you click on "Edit description"), you can also access a file manager via this icon:

In the file manager you will see which images and documents you have uploaded to your profile. From here you can delete files, insert them on your pages and control their visibility.

You can upload files that are up to 10 MB large. Your total quota in the file manager is 100 MB.

Keep in mind that images and attachments that you upload on a page and then remove are left in the file manager and are accessible on their old URLs according to the visibility that is set. Remove or limit the visibility of old files that should not be publicly available!


If you have roles in courses, these are listed under your About me-page with links to the course descriptions and course websites. This information comes from the KTH course and programme directory (KOPPS). On the profile page, you can only edit the course list's visibility.

Profile image

Here you can upload an portrait image that appears on the top right of your profile page. The image is also included in the staff directory of your unit on , and is the one shown at the top left of the personal menu when you are logged in to the KTH website.

Allowed file types: JPG, GIF, PNG. Max file size: 2 MB.

Square images of at least 200x200 pixels are preferred. Non-square images are cropped.

Keep in mind that your profile picture is literally your face to the world on the KTH website. Choose image with care! If your profile picture violates copyright rules, you can be personally held responsible!


Here you can list your publications in the national DiVA-system via KTH's publication tools. Read more at Publication list on your profile page . This option is only available if you are registered as a researcher in the KTH users and groups database.

Portfolio Pages

The portfolio pages listed in the right-hand column of the profile page give you the opportunity to describe yourself and your activities more closely. You can have up to ten such pages. You can set the visibility for these pages - have them shown for you only, other logged-in users or have them public available.


The link list can consist of up to 10 links. You can limit visibility on the entire list, but not for individual links.

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