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Take your research beyond academia

KTH Innovation helps you discover and develop the potential of your research results. Here, researchers, students, and employees at KTH can get free, confidential support to develop ideas or technology that can create impact in society. The support ranges from business development coaching, to patenting, agreements, funding, and much more.

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KTH Innovation

Do you have exciting research results that could create impact in society?

Want to discover how your research can come to use outside of academia? Are you curious about innovation and want to learn more?

Then you've come to the right place! KTH Innovation offers a wide range of support for you who is a researcher at KTH.

You can learn about how innovation development works in the Discovery program, or get in touch with a coach who will guide you through our support process, which has been developed over fifteen years and is internationally recognized.

Our support is free and confidential. We don't take any equity in your idea.

We specialize in the very first stages of idea development and in the commercialization of advanced technology, so-called deeptech.


Book a meeting

We are always curious to hear about exciting research from KTH. Contact us and we'll book a meeting!

As a researcher at KTH:

  • you have the possibility to help solve small and large problems in society by creating impact with your research.
  • you can get free and confidential support from KTH Innovation when you have a research result you think could be useful outside academia. You can contact us at any time!
  • you own the rights to your research results according to the Professor's privilege.
  • you can get support in utilizing your research results in different ways, from licensing agreements to starting your own company.
  • you can get funding to develop your idea.
  • you can get support with patent applications and agreements.
  • you can connect with industry, financiers and other researchers in KTH Innovation's network.
  • you can find new inspiration and motivation as a researcher by learning new things and creating impact.

Meet a coach

KTH Innovation's coaches have extensive experience in guiding researchers from results to innovation. Together, they have expertise in supporting researchers in all areas of technology at KTH.

KTH Innovation's support


Your personal business development coach guides you through the process through a series of clearly defined steps.

Together, we find what you need to do to go from an exciting research result to a practical solution.

We help you get a grip of contracts and agreements, patenting and ownership, and to discover where your research result could come to use. 

Our support is completely free and always confidential.

You can reach out to us at any time.

Support with patents and agreements

KTH Innovation's patent engineers and legal counsel help you get a grip of patents, agreements, right of use, and ownership. One of the most important things you need to remember is that you must apply for a patent before you publish your results.

You're always welcome to contact us if you have questions about patents or agreements.

More about patents and immaterial rights

FAQ patents and agreements

Our innovation model

Since 2007, we have developed an internationally recognized support process that is characterized by structure and process orientation. The core of our support is the KTH Innovation Readiness Level model , which is currently used by over 1,000 public and private organizations worldwide.


As you work on the commercialization of your research, you will need funding to take important steps. We help you secure the right funding so that your project can develop, from grants to investment.

Find customers and users

Where could your research come to use? Who are your future customers? We help you identify market opportunities and how best to bring your idea to market.


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Curious about innovation?

Do you want to know more about innovation before you get started? In the Discovery program, you will learn about innovation and explore if your research could create impact. All in a series of short, lunch-hour workshops.  

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Get a mentor from the industry

The Mentor Program gives you get the chance to get a mentor from the industry who guides you on the path from research to impact through commercialization.

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Meet the global market

In the Brighter program you get inspiration and learn about the global market from local experts in some of the world's leading innovation ecosystems.

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Build a startup from your research

In our startup track, the pre-incubator program, you enter a creative community working together to launch a product or service on the market in one to two years.