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Web editors at the ITM School

The ITM School's external website is managed by the communications team, primarily by the school's designated webmaster. Each department and center also has its own website which is managed by editors.

Coordinator of the ITM School's websites

Web editors for the departments

Please contact the webmaster or editor of the department or unit where you would like to make a change.

Web site Roles and contacts
Energy Technology (EGI)

Webmaster: Oxana Samoteeva  
Editor studies and thesis: Chamindie Senaratne
Editor Energy Systems: Camilo Ramirez Gomez
Editor Heat and Power Technology: Priscila Nascimento
Editor Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration: Björn Palm
Editor Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration: Davide Rolando

Production Development Webmaster: Wajid Ali Khilji
Editor: Rebecca Hansén
Editor: Eleonora Boffa
Industrial Economics and Management (Indek) Webmaster: Sebastien Gustin

Webmaster: Madeleine Tucker Smith
Editor Digital Learning: Alex Alexandersson , Björn Ström
Editor Learning in STEM: Madeleine Tucker Smith
Webmaster Language and Communication: Kristina Knauff
Editor Language and Communication: Björn Kjellgren
Editor Language and Communication: Renée Malmgren
Editor Language and Communication: Viktor Englund
Editor Language and Communication: Ida Pinho
Editor Language and Communication: Yoko Takau Drobin
Editor Language and Communication: Susanna Zeitler Lyne

Machine Design (MMK) Webmaster: Vacant. Ulrika Georgsson  is stand-in.
Editor Mechatronics and studies: Vicki Derbyshire
Editor Integrated product development: Johan Arekrans
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Webmaster: Vacant. Ulrika Georgsson  is stand-in.
Editor Advanced Instrumentation: Prasath Babu Revathy Rajan
Editor Advanced Instrumentation: Peter Hedström
Editor Properties: Stephan Schönecker 
Editor Processes: Christopher Hulme-Smith
Editor Processes: Serg Chanouian
Editor Processes: Nils Andersson
Editor Structures: Joakim Odqvist  
Editor Structures: Malin Selleby

Web editors for the centers and center like organisations at ITM 

Web site Roles and contacts
CeXs Webmaster: Denise Mc Cluskey
Circular Economy Initiative Editor: Sayyed Shoaib Ul Hasan
Climate Action Centre Webmaster: Alexandra von Kern
DMMS Content owner: Andreas Archenti
Hero-m 2i Webmaster: Alexander Dahlström  
Editor: Victor Lamelas cubero
Editor: Benjamin Neding
ICES Webmaster: Martin Törngren
IRIS Webmaster: Denise Mc Cluskey
ITRL Webmaster: Malin Danielsson
Editor: Liselotte Mulder
Editor: Claudia Andruetto
Editor: Jonas Mårtensson
Editor: Mikael Nybacka
KTH Live-in Lab Content owner: Jonas Anund Vogel

Editor: Pia Bernengo
Editor: Johanna Strömgren

MMD Webmaster: Carl Dahlberg
PMH application lab Editor: Adam Andersson
Prototypcenter Content owner: Anton Boström
TECoSA Editor: Martin Törngren
Editor: James Gross
Vetenskapens hus Webmaster: Elisabet Bergknut

Web editors and content owners for ITM on the intranet and its subpages are updated by the webmaster of the school, except for some subpages that have their own editors. Content owners do not publish on the webpages, but are responsible for their content and provide the webmaster with updated information.

Web pages Roles and contacts Webmaster: Ulrika Georgsson

Editor: Alexandra von Kern

Economy on Content owner: Finance Manager ITM
Environment and sustainable development on Content owner: Christina Carlsson
Human Resources on Editor: Marina Öhman
Purchasing on Content owner: Purchasing Manager ITM

School's Office for Student Affairs on

Content owner: Andreas Alm Arvidsson
Service Center on Content owner: Annika Lilja