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Faculty Board at ITM

The Faculty Board at the at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) is the school's body for collegial influence and decision-making. The Faculty Board consists of the head of school as chair, six teacher representatives, one of whom is the vice-chair, two external representatives and two student representatives. The term of office for Faculty Boards is from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026.

About the Faculty Board

Responsibilities and duties of the Faculty Board

Meetings and meeting minutes

The Faculty Board usually meets every month.

Meetings (Swe)

Meeting minutes (Swe)

Participant of the Faculty Board


Pär Jönsson
Pär Jönsson
professor, head of school 087908375

Deputy Chair

Malin Selleby
Malin Selleby
professor, head of unit 087908389


Anne-Kathrin Peters
Anne-Kathrin Peters
associate professor
Fredrik Asplund
Fredrik Asplund
associate professor 087907405

Student representatives

Gustav Heldt, THS
Steffen Hammer, doctoral student

External members

Anders Berglund, Scania and affiliated faculty at KTH
Marie Ideström, KTH alum, co-founder and CEO of the Womengineer Foundation

Representatives appointed by the employees’ organisations

Malin Björk, ST
Lars Wingård, SACO

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Last changed: Apr 02, 2024