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Informative material

Here you will find informative material in form of Annual Report, Development plan etcetera.

Information as annual reports, development plans in digital format, you can download from this sida. You can also get these in printed form - contact Communications .

Reports and plans

ITM's Development plan 2018-2023

Presentation about the ITM-school

When you are holding a presentation and want to present information about the ITM School you can find material here.

Presentation about the ITM School (English) (pptx 7.4 MB)

Presentation about the ITM School (English) (pdf 4.0 MB)

Organisation chart for Management and University administration at ITM (pdf 52 kB)

ITM departments' abbreviations and facts. (pdf 51 kB)

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Jan 02, 2023