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Welcome to ITM School!

It is important that you have a good start as a new employee at ITM School. Here you will find an introduction, important links and courses that you can participate at KTH.

About the ITM School

The school consists of seven departments. Six of them are located at Campus Valhallavägen and one is at Campus Södertälje. The financial staff, Human Relations office, Educational affairs office and service center are located at Lindstedtsvägen 30. The management, Head of school, Deputy head of school and Administrative head as well as communication are on Osquar's hill 31 (Library).

Your welcome folder with useful information

When you start at ITM school, you will receive a welcome folder from the Service Center (located at Lindstedtsvägen 30 and Brinellvägen 66) containing the following information:

  • Map of the KTH Campus.
  • ITM school's value foundation.
  • Welcome letter from KTH's President.
  • Notification of employee information. Register payroll digitally on Nordea’s website.
  • Information about next of kin. Submit the form to the Operations Controller (VhC) at your department. Don't forget to include the information in the self-report.
  • Approval of central postal opening. Submit the form to the Operations Controller (VhC) at your department.
  • Organization chart for KTH and ITM school.
  • Accounting for secondary jobs. Submit the form to the Operations Controller (VhC) at your department.

Important links

Order an A tax bill from the Swedish Tax Agency.  Send your A-tax note to Lönefunktionen 1, Brinellvägen 8, If you do not submit a tax slip, a standard tax is deducted.

Information for you who are new to KTH

Read more about your employment

Depending on role, you may have regulated working hours or non-regulated working hours. Read more about your working hours

Read about your employee benefits (  NOTE! You will receive login details when you start your employment.

Checklist for working with the environment and sustainable development.

Courses online

The following courses are important to take part in as a new employee:

GDPR - Participate in the course on GDPR through Canvas learning platform

Basic environmental education

The two-part training introduces KTH's environmental management work and is compulsory for all employees. Training can be done at any time, requires computer and headphones (preferably use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer).

Participate in environmental education through Canva's learning platform

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Last changed: Dec 18, 2020