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Information for employees

News regarding employment conditions, employee benefits, staff training and career support.

Application for Advanced English in September has opened

The language course is aimed at employees at KTH VS with prior knowledge of English at C1 level and with work tasks or assignments at KTH that require English at a high level.

Course information and application

The deadline for application is 20 June. The application must be approved by the immediate manager.

Information about Advanced English in Cambridge

Employee benefits

Registration of health care allowance and costs for prescripted medicine in KTH for me.

KTH for me

Employment conditions

Registration of leave of absence, sick leave and vacation in the selfreporting system.

Selfreporting system

Travel management and expenses

Registration of travel and expenses in KTH-RES.

Get started with KTH-RES

Incidents in the work environment

All risks, near-misses, both serious and less serious, as well as occupational injuries shall be reported according to KTH's routine.


Introduction to KTH or the role

Information on basic introduction to KTH and introduction to a new role/position.

Training and support for new employees | KTH Intranet

Staff training and career support

Develop your skills during working hours or get support with career coaching.

Staff training and development | KTH Intranet


Looking for new challenges? Do you want to work in research, technology, administration or service at KTH? Find a new job! Please note that KTH employees do not have priority for the job, but all applications are considered equal.

KTH | Vacancies only announced on KTH Intranet

HR Policy and steering document 

Documents published on this webpage are only translations of the Swedish originals. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the translation, the original takes precedence. 

Staff administration

 New rules regarding reimbursement for medicine costs

As an employee at KTH you can receive compensation for prescription medicine that is by law covered by the Swedish high-cost insurance. The new rule from 1 January 2024, is that you can only apply for reimbursement for medicine costs once a year. Reimbursement for medicines is a taxable benefit. You will therefore be taxed on the subsidy you receive from KTH.

How to apply for compensation for prescripted medicine

You can only apply once a year. The application must be registered no later than 31 January of the following year.

You register for the compensation via KTH for me by using the benefit called "Digital receipt - Medicines".

In order to be entitled to this reimbursement, you must also prove your costs with a register extract from the Swedish eHealth Agency's high-cost database. Be sure to request an extract from the register for high-cost cover well in advance of your application. High-cost protection • E-hälsomyndigheten ( .

Wait to apply until you reach the free card or until 31 January at the latest

Example: Costs for prescription medicine made on 1 May 2024 must be registered by 31 January 2025 at the latest. Costs registered after 31 January will not be approved. Therefore, the recommendation is to wait to apply for reimbursement until you reach the threshold for a free care (frikort) so that you can be reimbursed for all your expenses at once. This means that you can apply for reimbursement at any time during the year and don't have to wait until 31 January (as long as you only apply for reimbursement at one single time during the year).

You can also read about the new rules for reimbursement in KTH for me .

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