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Work environment at KTH

KTH takes a holistic perspective on the work environment. At KTH, the term "work environment" means both the physical and psychosocial work environment as well as factors that actively contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Preventive healthcare

KTH offers all employees a healthcare allowance of maximum 3000 SEK per calender year as well as the right to exercise during paid working hours through use of a weekly health and wellness hour.

Working environment at KTH

Work environment means all factors, physical, organizational and social, that affect employees and students at KTH, such as attitudes, leadership, behaviour towards each other, premises, equipment, furnishings, chemical products, working methods, work organization, cooperation, social interaction and the possibility of recovery and personal development.

KTH's goals

  • A good physical, organizational and social working environment.
  • Preventive work environment work.
  • Good health of KTH's employees.
  • KTH is perceived as an attractive employer.
  • Good cooperation in occupational safety and health issues.
  • Job satisfaction, community and individual personal development for all employees and students.
  • Occupational safety and health issues are integrated into all business planning.