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KTH regards healthcare and wellness as an important issue since good employee health means they are better prepared to meet the demands of working life. Your health is not only a personal affair, but also a shared resource which is decisive for the organisation’s performance. KTH offers all employees a healthcare allowance of maximum 3000 SEK per calender year as well as the right to exercise during paid working hours through use of a weekly health and wellness hour.

Wellness hour

All employees have the right to one hour of wellness activities per week, during paid working hours. This applies as long as the activity is carried out on one occasion between the hours of 08:00-16:30 and this applies to all employees, regardless of the extent of employment.

The hour includes change of clothing/transportation and cannot be accumulated over several weeks. Using the wellness hour should be in consultation with your manager and only when work activities and workload permit this.

Wellness promotion subsidy

All employees at KTH are entitled to a wellness promotion subsidy to be used for such activities decided and activities decided and approved by Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency, information in Swedish) . This includes for example gymcards, racquet sports, ball sports, team sports and swimming.

The wellness promotion subsidy is calculated based on employment period and entitles you to 250 SEK per calender month (including part of a calender month) and is the same regardless of extent of employment, i.e if you are employed full- or parttime during three months, you are entitled to 750 SEK in wellness promotion subsidy.

How do I use my wellness promotion subsidy?

Purchase in portal

You can make a purchase directly in the portal, KTH for me . If the cost exceeds the wellness promotion subsidy you are entitled to, there will be a net salary deduction for the difference between the cost and your subsidy.

Register your receipt

You can also make a purchase outside of the portal and pay yourself. In this case it is important that you get a receipt. You then register the purchase in the portal, KTH for me , and together with a printed and signed order you send your original receipt to Benify. When the receipt has been reviewed and approved it is registered and you will automatically recieve your money with your salary.

New cut-off dates for wellness receipts 2022

The Swedish Tax Agency has provided a clarification regarding the cash principle where the wellness promotion subsidy is to be paid during the current calendar year. This means new cut-off dates for registration and submission of receipts to Benify.

  • Receipts must be registered in the benefit portal no later than 31 October to be charged to the current year's wellness promotion subsidy.
  • Receipts and any additions must be received by Benify no later than 10 November.
  • Receipts issued and registered in November will be charged to following year's wellness promotion subsidy.

Direct purchases in the benefit portal are not affected by the above cut-off dates, it is possible to buy wellness from a wellness supplier in KTH for me until and including 31 December.

The employer’s responsibility

The responsibility of overall health promotion, as well as follow-up of health promotion, lies with each school. The employer should provide its active support for health and wellness. Managers promote health among employees, among other things, by creating prerequisites for employees to actively take responsibility for their health. Managers should be role models and affect the health of employees by their way of managing and organising the work. By actively working towards a work method which promotes health, work places and work relations are created which optimise the health of employees.

The wellness work should be a part of work environment management and should be visible in action plans and budgets with annual follow-up.

The responsibility of employees

Employees are primarily responsible for their own health and for the development of their personal resources. Employeeship also entails a responsibility for actively participating in the work for health and work environment in the workplace, as well as a healthy development of the activities.

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