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Systematic work environment management

KTH takes a holistic perspective on the work environment. At KTH, the term "work environment" means both the physical and psychosocial work environment as well as factors that actively contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Systematic work environment work

The Swedish Work Environment Act and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on systematic work environment work (SAM) require the employer, in cooperation with workers and safety representatives, to work systematically with the working environment in the business in such a way as to prevent ill health and accidents, and to achieve a good working environment.

The systematic work environment work at KTH is an obvious and integral part of daily work. This means that it is everyone's responsibility to pay attention and to account for conditions in the working environment that can affect the health and safety of employees and students.

Systematic work environment management

The work environment is a systematic and continuously ongoing process that involves paying attention to and taking into account all conditions in the working environment that can affect employees and students in their daily work.

At KTH, work with SAM is done through, among other things, annual work environment plans and employee talks, through regular workplace meetings, employee surveys, safety rounds and handling of occupational injuries and incidents.

The key components of osh work are:

  1. Examine:  Regularly and, if necessary, examine working conditions.
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Remedy:  Act at an early stage and address shortcomings that are highlighted in the working environment.
  4. Check & Follow Up:  Make sure that actions and development efforts have led to the desired results.

Work environment plan - part of KTH's systematic work environment work

Each Dean/equivalent is responsible for drawing up the annual health and safety plan. The Work Environment Plan shall indicate which school-wide activities are planned for the coming year. The aim is to ensure that the work environment work is carried out in accordance with current legislation and KTH's steering documents, and otherwise contributes to achieving KTH's goals in the working environment. When study-related health and safety issues are discussed, a student safety representative should be called in.

Each school's work environment plan will be coordinated in a school collaboration group and then submitted to KTH's HR department at VS. The work environment plans are compiled by VS HR department and reported to KTH's Safety Committee.

Open/download annual work environment plan (in Swedish) (XLSX 53 kB)

Annual follow-up of systematic work environment work

In connection with the annual work environment plan, each school/VS shall carry out a follow-up of the systematic work environment work. The aim is to investigate whether the work environment work is carried out in accordance with the regulations on systematic work environment management. Through interviews with managers, supervisors, other workers and safety representatives, the employer can find out if the work environment is working well and what needs to be improved. Idenitated areas for improvement are included in the annual work environment plan. The document is submitted at the same time as the annual work environment plan.

Open/ download the annual followup of systematic work environment (docx 82 kB)

Collaboration in work environment work

The Staff Liaison Group plays a central role in the school's work environment. Health and safety issues shall be discussed and monitored continuously. Work on the work environment plan is part of what is to be planned and followed up by the Hr collaboration group. Working groups can be set up for different projects. Occupational safety and health issues should be integrated with operational issues and always be a natural part of the collaboration work. If there is a working environment group at the school, it should be involved in the establishment of the health and safety plan.

When study-related health and safety issues are discussed, a student safety representative should be called in.