Systematic work environment management

KTH takes a holistic perspective on the work environment. At KTH, the term "work environment" means both the physical and psychosocial work environment as well as factors that actively contribute to the sustainable development of society.

KTH aims to ensure that all resources, both human and material, are used and develop in the best way possible, and to this end, KTH encourages its employees' commitment to sustainable development. A good work environment helps creativity and health, and provides the right conditions for good work performance. We are all part of each other's work environment, and we all share responsibility for the work environment. KTH shall implement a systematic approach to the work environment.

Systematic work environment management

Under the Work Environment Act and the Swedish Work Environment Agency's instruction (AFS 2001:1), an employer is obliged to carry out systematic work environment management.

A systematic approach to work environment management is about noticing and considering all the various aspects of the work environment in day-to-day work that may affect employees' and students' health and safety. It means that the employer is responsible for investigating, implementing and following up operations in such a way that ill-health and accidents at work are prevented and a satisfactory work environment is achieved.

At KTH we work systematically with the work environment in a number of different ways, including annual work environment planning, appraisal talks, workplace meetings, employee surveys, safety rounds, management of occupational injuries and incidents.

You will find the KTH work environment policy under Work environment in the regulations Work environment document

For more information on how you can work systematically with the work environment, refer to the Work Environment Authority's website Arbetsmiljöverket

Students are also covered by the work environment law and may appoint a student safety representative.

Work environment plan - part of the KTH systematic work environment management

During the year, every school must continuously survey both the physical and the psychosocial work environment. This is done by using the form "Systematic staff and work environment management" (work environment plan).

The template, which also includes instructions, is designed to document the survey and risk assessment regarding the work environment and equality issues at the workplace. It also includes planning measures, i.e. an action plan and documentation of follow-up work. The surveys, the action plan and the follow-up from each school shall be submitted each year in their entirety in the specified template document to KTH university administration/HR department. Working with the work environment plan is part of KTH systematic work environment management.

Work Environment Plan (xlsx 101 kB) (xlsx 84 kB)

Liaison in work environment management

The Liaison Group has a central role in the school's work environment management, in which work environment issues shall be discussed and followed up continuously. Issues in the work environment plan are part of what is planned and followed up by the Liaison Group. Working groups may be added for different projects. Work environment issues must be integrated with operational issues and must always be included as a natural part of liaison work. If there is a work environment group at the school, it should be involved in drawing up the work environment plan.

When study-related work environment issues are discussed, a student safety representative must be called to the meeting.

Consider the following points when drawing up the plan

  • Reporting and following up activities carried out during the year in the psychosocial and physical work environment.
  • What psychosocial risk factors have been identified in the school/equivalent, and how will these be addressed?
  • What physical risk factors have been identified in the school/equivalent, and how will these be addressed?
  • What initiatives in the work environment area does the school/equivalent plan for next year? Note that the improvements in the work environment can be taken up in different forums, such as the Liaison Group, workplace meetings, safety rounds, employee surveys, psychosocial rounds, the introduction of new employees, rehabilitation work, counselling, etc.
  • Describe the action plan (action, person responsible, follow-up and time schedule) to deal with these risk factors.
  • Is the work environment plan supported by the staff at your school/equivalent?

Feedback to central Liaison Group

The work environment plans are compiled by the UA's Personnel Department and are reported to the Central Liaison Group - Theme work environment.

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