Roles in the work environment

The employer

The employer has the primary responsibility for the work environment. As a manager you must be aware of:

  • Rules of importance for the work environment.
  • Conditions that involve risks (physical, psychological, social).
  • Measures to promote, prevent, and assist.
  • Working conditions that promote a satisfactory work environment.

Safety representative

The safety representative has the legal right to be present and cooperate in planning and changes to the work environment. As safety representative you also:

  • Represent employees.
  • Work to promote a good work environment.
  • Within your safety area, report any shortcomings in the work environment.
  • Also represent hired and sub-contracted employees.

Employees' responsibilities

Employees have a responsibility to participate in work environment management by:

  • Being involved in work environment management.
  • Complying with regulations.
  • Participating in the implementation of measures.
  • Use protection devices and personal protective equipment.
  • Inform your employer or the safety representative of any risks noticed in the work environment.


The Personnel Department - HR is an expert resource to which you can always turn if you have any queries about the work environment.

The occupational health service is an expert resource and can be of assistance during safety rounds, for example.

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