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Organizational and social work environment

The concept of psychosocial consists of two parts; psychological and social which imply that the term includes both the psyche and relationships.
This means that the individual is affected by his environment while the environment is in turn influenced by the individual's reactions. So it is in fact a mutual influence.

About Psychosocial work environment

A good psychosocial work environment is at the workplace influenced by a variety of factors and the experience on how it influenced you differ from individual to individual. However, there are some conditions that increase the chances for a good psychosocial work environment:

• That there is respect for each other
• That you have enough knowledge about your work
• That you receive feedback in your work
• That you get support and social contact
• That there is a clear mission and clear objectives
• That you have influence over your work and work situation
• That there is possible to recuperate
• That you have suitable work requirements
• That you can see a potential future

For more info about the psychosocial working environment see Arbetsmiljöverkets web site Psychosocial work environment