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KTH Employee Pulse Survey

KTH Employee Pulse Survey - KTH's new university-wide employee survey - started on 7 February 2023.


With these anonymous employee surveys, the parties (the employer KTH and the employee organizations) intend to investigate the work environment for our employees in accordance with the Work Environment Act and create up-to-date basis for dialogue between managers, safety organization and employees.

The questions

How should one think about, for example, the word "workplace" in the survey? Does this mean the working group, the division or the entire university? The answer is that it is up to you how you interpret the meaning of the word. Several of the questions are intentionally asked on a general level, as the pulse survey method does not allow for asking specific questions. The idea of the method is not to get precise answers about what works well and less well. The intention is to use the results as a basis for dialogue.

When questions are asked about "immediate manager", this means a manager with staff liability, for example division head or group manager.


Your responses to the KTH employee pulse are anonymous. The survey is handled by an external party and individual responses cannot be singled out. Group results are presented for groups where at least seven people have responded.


KTH's Human Resources Department will send out surveys with fewer than 30 questions quarterly. All employees who have worked for at least three months will at the date of the survey start, receive an email with a link to the survey. The email is sent from our procured partner Populum's email address The response period for each survey is nine days.


Group results are presented by the respective manager at a group meeting/workplace meeting for the groups with at least seven respondents. University-wide results are continuously published here on the intranet.


The Human Resources Department, Support Services sends out an employee pulse once a quarter via the collaboration partner Populum. The employee pulse always starts on a Tuesday and always ends at 23:59 on the Wednesday of the following week (nine response days). On Thursday morning, the day after the employee pulse is closed, managers with groups where at least seven people responded will be able to see their group's results.

The manager shall present the results to the group, for example at a workplace meeting (APT). The manager together with the working group shall together decide on priority areas, as well as measures for these areas. Actions are entered into the action plan template. The goal is to implement small improvements between each quarterly survey. After the pulse survey in the subsequent quarter, the action plan can be revised if needed.

Dates for the employee pulse in 2023

Survey opens Survey closes Results are available
7 February 15 February 17 February
9 May 17 May 18 May 22 May (because of public holiday)
29 August 6 September 7 September
14 November 22 November 23 November
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