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KTH Employee Pulse 14 November 2023

Below is an interpretation of KTH's overall results from quarter 4, 2023

Measurement period Pulse Index* Response rate
14 - 22 November 2023 65/100 (+1) 64 % (-1 %)

*This is an index (0-100), containing the average result of the drivers in Pulse index (the 10 recurring core questions). Higher results indicate that the employees experience a more satisfactory working situation in their day-to-day job.

Core questions

The Pulse Index has increased by another point since the last measurement. When the last measurement of the year is now done, it can be stated that the Pulse Index has a positive change of a total of four points since the first survey. The result in KTH's strongest area, Enthusiasm, with the question "We have a positive working climate at our workplace" is unchanged since the last survey. The area of Inclusion, with the question "I feel community in the workplace" has strengthened by one point since the last survey.

The weakest area continues to be Balance - Workload, with the question "My current workload is at an appropriate level", and the result is unchanged since the last measurement. The area Balance - work/leisure with the question "I have a good balance between work and leisure", has declined by one point since the last measurement.

Theme area: Systematic work environment management

The question with the strongest results is "I know that employees can seek support from the occupational health care service in case of work-related ill-health", where 90% of respondents answered "Yes". The goal should be for all employees to know that they can seek support and how to go about doing so, which is why additional information efforts are needed. Another question with a strong result is "In my work group we conduct workplace meetings (APT)". The workplace meeting is a forum for dialogue between employees and manager to jointly work on planning, development and follow-up of the work within the respective manager's area of responsibility. The goal should be for all respondents to answer the question positively. Thus, further efforts are needed, even if the majority of responses are positive.

Only 51% of respondents answered "Yes" to the question "I know who my safety representative (skyddsombud) is". There is thus development potential in the area. The employer and the protection organization can work together with efforts to increase awareness of who the safety representative is in the respective protection area.

53% of the respondents answered "Yes" to the question "My immediate manager/my supervisor and I have together drawn up an individual development plan for me". The intention of the development dialogue is that it should result in a development plan for the employee.

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