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KTH Employee Pulse 7 February 2023

Below is an interpretation of KTH's overall results from quarter 1, 2023

Measurement period Pulse Index* Response rate
7-15 February 2023 61/100 63 %

*This is an index (0-100), containing the average result of the drivers in Pulse index (the 10 recurring core questions). Higher results indicate that the employees experience a more satisfactory working situation in their day-to-day job.

Core questions

The answers to the core questions do not differ significantly between the two legal genders. It indicates that on an overall KTH level, in terms of men's and women's experiences, we have an equal working environment.

KTH's strongest area is Enthusiasm, with the question "We have a positive working climate at our workplace". That our general experience is that we have a positive working climate at KTH creates a stable basis to be able to work to improve areas with weaker results.

The weakest area is Balance - workload, with the question "My current workload is at an appropriate level". The experience of an appropriate workload is highly subjective and can mean anything from feeling that you have too many tasks, too few tasks, too simple tasks or too difficult tasks. The areas Clarity - responsibilities, Clarity - priorities and Efficiency all have stronger results than Balance - workload and if we work together for measures in these three areas, there is a chance that the results in Balance - workload can also be stronger in future measurements, without necessarily needing to review measures within the workload. If we feel clarity about which areas of responsibility we have, if the manager is clear about priorities and expectations, and that we can work efficiently with our tasks, we can also experience a more appropriate workload.

Theme area: Treatment

The questions with the strongest results are "I feel that we treat each other with respect at the workplace" and "I feel that employees from all backgrounds are treated equally at my workplace". Questions with weaker results are "My workplace does a good job of promoting an inclusive work environment" and "I feel that it is possible to raise problems and difficult issues at the workplace".

11 % of respondents answered that they had been exposed to unwelcome behavior* in the workplace during the last 12 months. 26 % of respondents have answered that they do not know where they can seek support if they have been exposed to unwelcome behavior and 32 % of respondents have answered that they do not know where they can report instances of unwelcome behavior.

All in all, there are several parts to improve in the work environment linked to treatment and the area is something that we must all work together to improve.

*Unwelcome behavior is a collective term for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization. Read more on the intranet about KTH's routines for instances of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization .

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