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KTH Employee Pulse 29 August 2023

Below is an interpretation of KTH's overall results from quarter 3, 2023

Measurement period Pulse Index* Response rate
29 August - 6 September 2023 64/100 (+2) 65 % (-3 %)

*This is an index (0-100), containing the average result of the drivers in Pulse index (the 10 recurring core questions). Higher results indicate that the employees experience a more satisfactory working situation in their day-to-day job.

Core questions

The Pulse Index has increased by two points since the last measurement, and almost all core questions have increased by at least one point. Overall, we see a positive trend in all core areas since the first measurement. KTH's strongest area, Enthusiasm, with the question "We have a positive working climate at our workplace" has been further strengthened since the last survey. The area of Inclusion, with the question "I feel community at work" is close behind. This area has also strengthened since the last measurement.

The weakest area is still Balance - workload, with the question "My current workload is at an appropriate level", although the question has strengthened by three points since the last measurement. The area Balance - work/leisure with the question "I have a good balance between work and free time", has also strengthened by three points since the last measurement.

Theme area: Physical work environment

The questions with the strongest results are "I feel that the fire protection in the premises where I work is good (e.g. escape routes, alarms, fire extinguishers)" and "We act in accordance with our safety requirements and safety regulations".

Questions with weaker results are "The ventilation and indoor climate (temperature and draft) at my workplace is good" and "I use my wellness hour for physical training". There are several studies that show that pulse-raising exercise is good for several aspects of health, both physical and mental, as well as for counteracting stress and making yourself sustainable over time. Physical exercise is one of the single most important factors for good health, well-being and resistance to disease and injury. KTH sees health and wellness as an important matter because prosperous employees provide better conditions to be able to meet the demands of working life.

The result for the question "Evacuation drills have been carried out at my workplace in the last 12 months". shows that 20% of respondents answered "strongly disagree" and 37% of respondents answered "don't know". There is thus development potential linked to evacuation exercises at KTH.

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