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KTH Employee Pulse 9 May 2023

Below is an interpretation of KTH's overall results from quarter 2, 2023

Measurement period Pulse Index* Response rate
9-17 May 2023 62/100 (+1) 68 % (+5 %)

*This is an index (0-100), containing the average result of the drivers in Pulse index (the 10 recurring core questions). Higher results indicate that the employees experience a more satisfactory working situation in their day-to-day job.

Core questions

The Pulse Index has increased by one point since the last measurement, and all core questions have increased by at least one point. KTH's strongest area, Enthusiasm, with the question "We have a positive working climate at our workplace" has been further strengthened since the last survey. The area of Inclusion, with the question "I feel community at work" is close behind. This area has also strengthened since the last measurement.

The weakest area continues to be Balance - workload, with the question "My current workload is at an appropriate level". On the other hand, the area Clarity - Priorities, with the question "My immediate manager is clear about priorities and expectations", is the area that has strengthened the most since the last survey. If managers continue to be clear about priorities and expectations, there is a possibility that KTH will also see a better result in the area of Balance - workload.

Theme area: Organization and leadership

The question with the strongest result is "My immediate manager is available when I need it", which is a good rating for managers at KTH. It indicates an ongoing dialogue in everyday work. The question "I have the knowledge needed to do a good job" also gets a strong result. It is common to have good results when you assess your own abilities.

The question with the weakest result is "The overall direction for KTH is clear". "I am able to manage my tasks during regular working hours (on average 40 hours/week if full-time)" also gets a weak result. The faculty is the staff group whose results stand out on the question. KTH needs to work with measures on several levels to be able to improve the results on the issue.

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