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Distribution of work environment tasks

Work environment tasks are to be allocated at KTH to prevent risks at work and achieve a satisfactory work environment.


The President has the ultimate responsibility for the work environment and distributes relevant information in such a way that one or more managers (in some cases, executives) are given the task of preventing risks at work and achieving a satisfactory work environment. The division of responsibilities must be documented in writing. Responsibility for the work environment may not be delegated; however, work environment tasks are allocated within the organisation.

Division of responsibilities at KTH

Tasks to prevent employees and students being subjected to ill-health or accidents at work are primarily assigned to a person who in practice has an overview of the activities. Those who have been assigned tasks within the work environment area must also have a real opportunity of preventing ill-health among employees and students at KTH, through close contact and dialogue. Persons assigned to work environment tasks must have sufficient skills and powers to act in this area.

Being in charge of tasks that relate to the work environment is included in a manger's role at KTH. Managers must therefore be familiar with the laws on health and safety at work and the work environment regulations that apply at KTH so that work environment management can be well structured. As a manager at KTH you must allocate time for work environment management and undergo training in work environment issues organised by the Personnel Department.

Division of tasks: The division of work environment tasks takes place from the President to the head of school, then to the head of division and then to managers/area managers who, in practice, have an opportunity to monitor activities. In the case of absence (e.g. holiday), responsibility is transferred to the immediate superior manager.