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Goods and services must be purchased through contracted suppliers and paid via invoice. For more information, read Purchasing and procurements web site. If you still make a purchase on KTH's behalf, here is how you apply for compensation in KTH-RES.

If you have had expenses that are not linked to any business trip, this page is for you. Important: If you have to purchase something you must first control if there are any framework agreement that you should use, see Link to Purchasing and procurement   or contact the Purchase administrator at your school.

If you have nevertheless made a purchase outside the framework agreement, then you must enter an explanation in the comment field when you register your expense.

For expenses relating to gifts, congratulation costs or representation, KTH's guideline on limit amounts for representation, personnel care benefits and gifts applies: Riktlinje om gränsbelopp vid representation, personalvårdsförmåner och gåvor

You can find more information regarding representation here: Representation in general

If you have had expenses during a business trip, please refer to instructions on the Travel page . Please observe that expenses for work meals that is subject to benefit taxes can't be registered in KTH-res. These should be reported on an expense form with attached benefit tax form. You can find the form here: Utläggsblankett

You can find more information about meals benefits here: Taxation of benefits/Meal benefits


If you have had expenses KTH's behalf, you can apply for compensation in the KTH-RES system. Payment is made to the bank account where you receive your salary. Payments are made twice a month. Expenses must be reported as soon as possible after purchase, but within one year at the latest.


  • Reeipts for expenses that are older than one year have expired and are not approved.
  • Don't forget to give your original receipts to the administration at your school who need them to review your expenses. Original receipt is the paper receipt that you received when you bought the item. The Accounting Act requires KTH to keep original receipts. Send always a printout of the expense report so that it is clear who the receipts apply to. Please sort your receipts with numbers 1, 2, 3 etc in the same order as on the expense report and attach them to a copy of the receipt with tape.
  • Submit all documents, printout of the expense report and original receipts in good order so that they do not get lost, numbered inte the same order as in the expense report and fixed with tape on top of a copy of the receipt so that the text on the receipt is not blurred.
  • Petrol costs are only reimbursed when you rent a car. If you use your own car, you must register a car journey and receive mileage compensation.
  • the following costs may not be registered in KTH-RES: URA expenses, work meal (e.g. lunch at project meeting), moving costs to Sweden and fee to the Swedish Migration Agency. If you are unsure about certain costs, please contact the travel administration at your school.

Register your expenses in KTH-RES

  1. Go to KTHs intranet and log in to your Services. Or log in here: KTH-RES
  2. Press the Create expense report button.
  3. Select the date of purchase.
  4. Select the expense category: Here you can register are all types of expenses except Övriga förskott and arbetsmåltid. These should be reported on an expense form. Arbetsmåltid should be reported with attached benefit tax form.
  5. If you paid with a Eurocard from KTH, you can select the expense you want compensation for directly from My transactions.
  6. Select country if not Sweden.
  7. Enter the amount including VAT. The system automatically calculates the VAT for Swedish expenses. VAT should not be stated for expenses for entertainment and entertainment gifts and when buying alcoholic beverages.
  8. Currency is SEK by default. If you have selected another country, the system will fill in the current exchange rate at the date of purchase you specified. If you have paid another exchange rate, change it manually. NOTE! If you paid by card, you can instead state the cost in Swedish kronor and attach a copy of your bank statement and original receipts.
  9. Fill in description of your purchase (purpose of your purchase)
  10. Upload your receipt
  11. Expense allocation: If you want to report several expenses that require reporting to different accounts, enter accounts here.
  12. Tick Save to save your expense.
  13. If you want to report additional expenses, repeat step 3-12.
  14. Go back to Dashboard and tick My transactions.
  15. Tick all expenses you want to report in an expense report.
  16. Select +Create a new report
  17. Name your report, for example purpose of your purchases
  18. Your org.enhet is already filled in under the Accounting tab. If the expense should be accounted on another org you may change it by using the magnifying glass.
  19. Fill in the project code your expense should be accounted on. Feel free to use the magnifying glass. If your search for the org unit, you will get all the active project numbers that exist for this org unit.
  20. Your approver is already filled in. If you changed org, you will be able to choose another approver. You can only select the approvers who are eligible to approve expenses in the Org you selected during accounting.
  21. Select purpose of your expense report.
  22. If you have multiple valid positions then you need to choose the correct employment number.
  23. Tick Save to save your report.
  24. Tick Confirm and thereafter Submit the report. Print your expense report and attach all receipts in original in god order. Send all documentation to the travel administration at your school.

The Accounting Act requires KTH to retain original receipts for a certain period.