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Topic based pages on LinkedIn

In connection with the central KTH LinkedIn page, there are a number of topic based pages, which focus on strategically important topics at KTH.

Currently, the pages Energy at KTH , Material Science at KTH , Digitalisation at KTH  and Cities at KTH  are active on LinkedIn. They are located as showcase pages in connection with the central KTH LinkedIn page.

The purpose of the pages is to reach out with topics where there is a collective competence at KTH, as well as to spread the information to target groups who are interested in the specific subject.

The target groups we want to reach in these channels are, among others, industrial companies in Sweden and globally, decision makers in Sweden and the world, researchers and financiers.

The pages are run by KTH's communicators who collect information and tips for the page from different parts of the organization.

The entries on the subject pages can, for example, be about:

  • Publications Money for new project
  • Dissertation, licentiate and promotion
  • Events for the public
  • Course or training for the public
  • New lab equipment
  • New collaboration partners
  • New employees Awards/Prize Winners
  • News articles and researcher portraits in the research area
  • Job ads

If you want to send content tips for one of these pages, please contact:

Energy at KTH:
Materials Science at KTH:
Digitalisation at KTH:
Cities at KTH: