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KTH's overall news channels

The first step in reaching out with a news item is to pinpoint what the news itself is, and to whom it may be interesting. Here you will find information about KTH's overall news channels.

In the overall news flow on the external website  and on the intranet , news is published that has been judged to have a strong news value and to be of interest to many people. The content team is responsible for assessing news tips and writing articles.

The news that is published externally is also spread via KTH's overall accounts in social media — usually on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. A smaller selection of them is also sent out as press releases.

Clear target groups

The purpose of the overall content work is to use journalistic working methods to create engaging content for the individuals with whom KTH wants to have an in-depth relationship, in order to strengthen KTH's brand and thereby KTH's role in society. The content must reflect the breadth of KTH's operations, while at the same time prioritize strategically important areas.

The content work is based on the following target groups:

  • Prospective national students
  • Prospective international students
  • Alumni
  • Business and financiers
  • The research community
  • Politicians and public policy-makers
  • Media
  • KTH Staff, see News on the intranet

The target group perspective means that all articles that are published have a clear target group, and that there is an idea of what you want the target group to do with the information. For each target group, there is a target group team that works long-term to plan content aimed at the target group.

All target groups are broad, which means that the news that is published is one that is judged to be interesting and understandable to a larger group of people. No previous knowledge of the subject should be required to understand the articles.

A central principle in content work is selection, ie publishing a small number of carefully selected articles and working purposefully to create reach for them, rather than trying to reach out through a very large number of publications.

Tip about a news

Do you have any news that you want to tip us about? Contact the content team at .

Describe why the topic is interesting and current, and provide contact information to one or more contact persons who can provide us with more information. Also tell us if there are pictures, illustrations or films that can be used in a possible news item – good imagery increases the news value. Do not forget to mention who owns the rights to the image material and if there are special conditions for use.

To facilitate the content team's assessment, please send a short summary that answers the following questions:

  • What's the news? Summarize in a couple of sentences, and feel free to put the topic in context. Which target groups would find this interesting, in Sweden and/or internationally?
  • Why is the topic interesting? What is the benefit to society? How does this affect people's everyday lives? Is there anything on the subject that is sensational or unexpected?
  • When is the topic relevant?  Are there any critical times to relate to? Has the media already written about the subject? Can it be linked to a current event or to a specific time of year? Here, timing can be crucial to reach out.
  • How can the news be explained in a simple way? Think about how to reach a wide audience without prior knowledge.
  • Who is this about? Are there other actors to relate to – other universities, companies or partners?

Remember to get in touch well in advance, it increases the chance that your news can be published. Expect it to normally take two to three weeks from the first contact until an item can be completed.

News tips are primarily assessed on the basis of news value, ie how the content team assesses the chances that the news will be seen as interesting by the intended target group. Through content, the content team follows up the impact of the news that is published, and this is, among other things, the basis for the continued news planning. If, for example, it has previously been difficult to create interest in an issue, we may need to think in a new way about the angle and timing of future news in the same area.

Other factors that play a role in news assessment are whether the news can be linked to current events in the outside world; what other publications have been made recently or are planned in the near future; and the content team's workload at the time.

Other ways to reach out with news

If your news has a narrower audience and therefore does not meet the content team's criteria, there are several other ways you can spread it.

  • Check with your school's communicators if the news may be of interest in their channels. See News channels of the schools
  • Check with those in charge of our topic based pages on LinkedIn, if the news may be of interest in their channels. See topic based pages on LinkedIn .
  • Tip a journalist or narrower industry media who you know has written about the area before.
  • Take a look at the tips under  on how you can spread the news yourself.

The content team

The content team consists of coworkers from the Communications Department (COM). The content team produces editorial content for the overall KTH channels and is responsible for the KTH press office. The content team also has an overall strategic responsibility for social media at KTH.