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Internal news from the ITM School

  • Order catering on time

    Strawberry cake
    Photo: Alexander Hall on
    Published May 25, 2023

    Our procured restaurants and cafés have busy days in May–June. Please place your order at least a week in advance and keep track of holiday times, so everyone can be happy and satisfied.

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  • Buon giorno Italia, here comes Erika

    Published Apr 11, 2023

    Erika Gilbertsson, Operations Controller at the Department of Engineering Design, is packing her bags for a staff exchange.

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  • New hats for Mats Magnussson

    Portrait of Mats Magnusson
    Mats Magnusson. Photo: Anneli Nygårds
    Published Mar 29, 2023

    Responsible for lifelong learning (LL) and impact on ITM, new second deputy head of school. Hi there, Mats Magnusson, also director of third-cycle education, how come you take on these new challenges,...

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  • Rethinking the crisis

    Group photo of two women and three men who are smiling.
    From left to right: Joakim Lilliesköld, programme manager of Future Education at KTH, and Sofie Kim, programme communicator, Linda Barman, Department of Learning and moderator during this year's conference, Johan Flid Fridell, host of the podcast "Fikasnack about the education of the future", Per Fagrell, programme coordinator.
    Published Mar 15, 2023

    Running a major change program for educations at KTH in the shadow of savings requirements and high costs for premises may raise some questions. The answer, however, seems to be that forward-looking i...

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  • Learning moves to Brinellvägen

    Published Mar 14, 2023

    In spring 2023, it is time for the Department of Learning to make an effort to reduce premises costs. Its three divisions will move to the machine quarters at Brinellvägen 66-68.

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  • Security at KTH a balancing act

    Collage from labs, emergency numbers, defibrillators, IT hackers, students in libraries and papers.
    Published Feb 22, 2023

    An explosion in KTH's entrance at campus Kista, routines to protect our research results from theft, break-ins, and security analyses – consultant Elias Tapper's year at KTH has been varied. Improving...

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  • Get ready for Science week

    Published Jan 18, 2023

    This year's edition of Science week in Södertälje is approaching. With nearly 60 seminars, it might be difficult to choose which to attend. We asked staff and students at KTH to see what caught their ...

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  • Head of School heads out with gifts

    Published Dec 19, 2022

    At this time of year, the management team of ITM wants to show its gratitude to all employees. This year, Pär Jönsson goes for a gift tour and surprises teachers, service staff, managers and robots.

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  • Strategic council

    Published Dec 01, 2022
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  • Tablets make examinations more flexible

    Lecture room with tablets.
    During the year, the ITM school has purchased 95 tablets, primarily for examinations.
    Published Nov 16, 2022

    KTH's examination forms are developing to be more flexible and more digital. ITM has bought 95 new tablets that can be used for digital examinations – in practically any room. A trial in Södertälje tu...

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  • Employing the brightest brains

    Andrew Martin in front of some trees with yellow leaves.
    Andrew Martin is the new Head of Faculty Renewal.
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    He’s going to make sure we bring the brightest minds to ITM and foster a creative environment for existing personnel. Among other things. As of Oct 1 Andrew Martin, professor at the Department of ener...

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  • Jernkontorsfonden för Bergsvetenskaplig Forskning - apply by October 20

    Published Sep 26, 2022

    The Jernkontorsfonden för Bergsvetenskaplig Forskning Foundation regularly distributes funds "to promote research activities at KTH, primarily in the metallurgy areas". Now is the time to apply for 20...

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  • ITM looks over its premises

    Portrait of Björn Laumert outside the machine quarters.
    Björn Laumert, head of EGI department, in front of the Machine Quarters.
    Published Sep 14, 2022

    During the past year, parts of the ITM school have cut down on workspace and given up premises. And more relocations lie ahead. Björn Laumert, head of the EGI department, leads a major overhaul of ITM...

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  • ”Everyone at KTH should take the course”

    Portrait Kalle Garme
    Kalle Garme works with naval architecture at the SCI school and has taken the course "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education".
    Published Aug 23, 2022

    Kalle Garme took the "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education" course and explains why he thinks all KTH employees should attend it.

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  • An office equipped for a future KTH

    Andreas on Osquars backe, KTH.
    Andreas Alm Arvidsson is not only a former KTH student, but has worked in various roles at KTH “forever”. Now he becomes the Head of ITM's Office for student affairs.
    Published Aug 17, 2022

    ITM's Office for student affairs at Valhallavägen prepares for the future and changes its organization. New head of the department is Andreas Alm Arvidssson.

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  • Pär Jönsson's summer speach

    Published Jun 11, 2022

    At the ITM school's summer party, Head of School Pär Jönsson gave a speech to the guests. See it in afterwards here.

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  • Moving from words to deeds

    Portraits of 6 persons.
    Martin Edin Grimheden, Annika Borgenstam, Magnus Wiktorsson, Björn Laumert, Arnold Pears and Cali Nuur all have different answers to what to do with the RAE results.
    Published May 31, 2022

    The research evaluation (RAE) is over, summarized and even printed. Now the work of sharpening research and organizations begins. We asked ITM's six heads of departments how they deal with the RAE res...

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  • The art of attracting visitors to the Inspiration Day

    Students with Material design hoodies in group.
    30 students from the Materialdesign programme acted as guides and station hosts.
    Published May 31, 2022

    The visitor record at Material Science’s Inspiration Day this spring was no fluke. Programme manager Mikael Ersson shares some keys to a well-attended event.

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  • Information about new self-service portal for orders of IT products

    Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash
    Published May 18, 2022

    On May 30, a self-service portal for orders of IT products will be launched at the ITM school. The portal will replace the previous IT order forms.

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  • Two departments become one

    Portrait Magnus in Sing-sing
    Magnus Wiktorsson will lead the new department. Photo: Anneli Nygårds
    Published May 17, 2022

    On July 1, the Production Engineering and Sustainable Production Development departments will merge into one. We had a chat with Magnus Wiktorsson, who will lead the new department located on two camp...

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