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Internal news from the ITM School

  • Follow, share, love Materials Science

    Published Nov 23, 2021

    A new LinkedIn page for materials science has quickly gained many followers. The initiative was started by the ITM school and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering six months ago. The pu...

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  • New spark in IRIS at half term

    IRIS have activities in four different areas.
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    ITM’s flagship project IRIS has reached half term. Has the ambition to create strong multi-disciplinary research environments on “sustainable industry and society” and stimulate new collaborations sur...

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  • A toolbox for spreading science

    Published Nov 16, 2021

    Research Support Office recently launched three new Canvas courses to further train KTH's researchers, one of these with the theme of communication. Hi, Louise Gustafsson, Research Communications Mana...

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  • "An equal engineer is a better engineer"

    Martin Edin Grimheden. Photo: Anneli Nygårds
    Published Nov 16, 2021

    Can we be best in gender equality and thus deliver better engineers? Martin Edin Grimheden, Head of Department of Machine Design, thinks so. His mission is to make more people realize the same through...

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  • Jernkontorsfonden för Bergsvetenskaplig Forskning - apply by October 22

    Published Oct 06, 2021

    The Jernkontorsfonden för Bergsvetenskaplig Forskning Foundation regularly distributes funds "to promote research activities at KTH, primarily in the metallurgy areas". Now is the time to apply for 20...

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  • Elections for The ITM school faculty assembly

    Published Oct 06, 2021

    Now it is time for the election of members to The school faculty assembly. Read here who is eligible and how to nominate yourself.

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  • Researcher’s Fridays: "We help researchers with what we are good at"

    Published Oct 06, 2021

    Hi Anders Wändahl at the library – KTHB - what does "Researcher’s Friday" mean in your calendar this autumn?

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  • “They’re not with us”

    Photo: Ohmydearlife on Pixabay
    Published Oct 06, 2021

    We all have our prejudices, no matter how hard we try to shake them off . What matters is how we act on them. Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer at the School of Industrial Engineering and Manag...

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  • Meet the modern leader

    Group of people discussing. In the middle a gesturing woman, with the surrounding listening to her.
    Today's leader needs to be supportive, present and guided by distinct values, according to Johanna Strömgren. Photo: Antenna on unsplash
    Published Sep 29, 2021

    "A coach with big ears and eyes" could be a somewhat simplified description of the modern leader. Johanna Strömgren, who manages leadership training at KTH Lean Center, talks about leadership as a rol...

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  • Leadership Forum will support ITM’s managers

    Woman sitting with her arms outstretched
    Photo from Unsplash.
    Published Sep 22, 2021

    How do you tell an employee that the person is not doing their job? What responsibility do I have when I suddenly become a manager? And how do I implement the development dialogues? ITM's new Leadersh...

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  • Apply for the ITM School's scholarships until October 25

    Application is open
    Published Sep 17, 2021

    It is time to apply for a scholarship from the ITM school's foundations. Here you will find information about the 2021 call for school employees.

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  • Two departments become one

    Industrial robot and smart factory merged together
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    Production Engineering (IIP) and Sustainable Production Development (HPU) are two departments close to each other in terms of subject but a bit apart geographically. July 1, 2022, they will merge and ...

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  • Lean Center employs two – despite the pandemic

    Published Aug 24, 2021

    During the pandemic, KTH Lean Center in Södertälje strengthened its business with two employees. Pia Bernengo and Andreas Bohlinwill work with Lean Center's courses and commissioned training, like Sca...

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  • This is ITM's new HR manager

    Alexandar Dimitrijevic is the ITM School's HR manager since June 2021.
    Published Jun 14, 2021

    The ITM School has a new HR manager. We welcome Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, who is currently being introduced to his new job by Anna Blendow.

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  • He investigates PMH in version 2.0

    Truck and portrait of Peter
    Peter Samuelsson will investigate what a future PMH could look like.
    Published Jun 14, 2021

    Now that the competence center PMH's time frames expire, KTH's President has decided to work for a continuation of the center. However, the ideas of HOW to move on differ. The President has therefore ...

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  • When the environment does not match your abilities

    Woman lying in bed, very tired.
    Photo: Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash
    Published Jun 07, 2021

    The year is 2019, and Ulrika Georgsson is engaged in meeting the new law on digital accessibility. She reads all details of the law and teaches how KTH's web editors should create content. Then, she s...

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  • Mikael Östling - the warrior of rankings

    Mikael Östling talks with two collegues
    Chia-Ying, Mikael Östling and Wangzhong Mu in the Hultgren Lab. Photo: Håkan Lindgren
    Published May 19, 2021

    It is not easy to make oneself heard in the noise of all the research that is published today. Mikael Östling, Deputy President at KTH has been on tour at KTH's research departments to encourage resea...

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  • The meeting idols in my life

    Photo by fauxels from Pexels.
    Published Apr 14, 2021

    There are plenty of meaningless meetings. The ones where you wonder why you are invited, meetings that you do not understand the purpose of, or where everyone suddenly has technical problems and disap...

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  • Schools get local support for digital teaching

    Graphic portrait of Andreas Alm Arvidsson.
    Andreas Alm Arvidsson, Educational Administration Manager at ITM, leads the KTH project Local Support.
    Published Apr 13, 2021

    Now all schools will offer their teachers help to make the education digital. Andreas Alm Arvidsson leads the project ”Local support” with the goal that KTH shall provide just as good support in digit...

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  • Fredrik – an ethical compass at RSO

    Man choosing between two roads.
    Photo: Ladislav Babienko, Unsplash
    Published Apr 07, 2021

    Ethics and research are more intertwined than one might think. As ethics issues end up higher and higher on the agenda, KTH employs an ethics expert. Meet Fredrik Karlsson with a passion for philosoph...

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