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Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local ITM navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.


Change of weather, change of KTH

"Upon reviewing my own courses, I realized the need for streamlining. Consequently, I will reduce the number of traditional lectures. My aim is for these adjustments not only to reduce costs but also to enhance the quality in line with the principles of 'Future Education.'"

Five campus, KTH


Next step in campus relocation

Risk analysis and lab inventory - work on the campus move is in full swing. "The biggest risk is that we will lose good people from Södertälje, if they don't want to come with us", says Sebastiaan Meijer from the CBH school. The three project managers Anna Jerbrant (ITM), Sebastiaan Meijer and Gunnar Malm (EECS) answer some of the most common questions about the move. 

Man with suitcase
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Use our taxi agreement

Do you need to take a taxi during business travels? Please use KTH's taxi agreement with Flygtaxi or Cabonline. Not Uber or Bolt. Why? KTH must ensure that our suppliers don't laundry money or fail in their obligations for taxes and social security contributions.

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All about recruitment

A new website gives you everything you need to know for your recruitment at ITM, such as important dates, checklists and more.

Portrait Marie
Marie Ideström is external representative in ITM's faculty board.

"Women can make the engineering profession grow and develop"

Marie Ideström takes on the role of external representative in ITM's newly formed faculty board. As CEO of the Womengineer Foundation and a KTH alumna, she's dedicated to fostering female participatio...

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Survey exposes doctoral student’s struggles

Lack of routines and administrative processes, demanding working conditions, feelings of isolation. The doctoral students at KTH wish for more, a survey shows.

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Portrait picture of Anna Jerbrant
Photo: Anneli Nygårds

Anna Jerbrant on the relocation of KTH Södertälje

Anna Jerbrant, Deputy Head of School at ITM, is project managing the relocation of KTH Södertälje.

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