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Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM)

Welcome to the internal pages for employees at the School of Industrial Engineering & Management (ITM) at KTH. Please note the difference between the local ITM navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.

Portrait Anna Jerbrant


New support for teachers and the annual president's visit

Anna Jerbrant blogs about KTH President Sigbritt's visit to the ITM School just before Easter. Also, ITM has hired seven teaching assistants in order to help us all in the digitization of our courses.

A new role

Educational pioneer named new Vice President

Per Lundqvist, Professor in Energy Technology, at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management will be KTH Vice President for Sustainable Development from the first of April.

Read the interview with Per Lundqvist


The Student Offices are closed until May 31

ITM's Student Offices will be completely closed until May 31.

Need to pick up or drop off packages or exams?

At Expedition Sing-Sing, please call 08-790 78 61 or e-mail .
At Expedition Nord, please call 08-790 82 00 or e-mail .
At KTH Södertälje, please call 08-790 95 10 or e-mail  .


Björn Palm has un urge to contribute to a sustainable future

The energy field can make large contributions to a sustainable future – which is the reason why Björn Palm from the Department of Energy Technology goes to work every morning. Being relevant to the industry is the start of getting the research disseminated, he says.

Interview with Björn Palm

Man choosing between two roads.
Photo: Ladislav Babienko, Unsplash

Fredrik – an ethical compass at RSO

Ethics and research are more intertwined than one might think. As ethics issues end up higher and higher on the agenda, KTH employs an ethics expert. ...

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“I want my research to matter”

He is passionate about sustainable development. Francesco Fuso Nerini’s motive to make his work known to others is simple: to make a difference. ”As r...

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Woman with her mouth closed.
We calculate risk versus profit before we open our mouths. Photo: Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Many people remain silent

In Sweden, we are often bad at saying what we think. Afraid of conflicts, we prefer to nag on our own without saying outright what we see. But if we p...

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