On this page you read about the school's groups, committees and councils, find e-mail lists and contact information to important functions at the school such as the professional support, safety representatives and web organisation.

If you are looking for an answers or assistance in handling an individual case, start with contacting the school's Service centre. They will help to connect you to the right person.

Contact the Service centre


In the left menu is information about each of the following categories can be found:

  • Professional support: Management Support Group, Economic Unit, HR Unit, Infrastructure and Service, Communications Unit, Education Office
  • Division support team: Division support team for each division and center at the school. The division support teams consist of staff in economics, HR and EU-projects.
  • Management: Head of School Group, Management Group, Joint consultative group, School Heads of Division, Deputy Heads of Division and Head of School Center 
  • The school's Council for First, Second and Third Cycle Education: The school's Council for First and Second Cycle Education, Council for Third Cycle Education at EECS, The school's directors of studies
  • Faculty recruitment: The school's Recuritment Committee, Promotion Committee and Docent Committee
  • E-mail lists and adresses for support: E-mail lists to disseminate information to different groups and addresses to ask questions that answer individual cases
  • Groups: Groups for security and safety, handling of chemicals and KLARA, sustainable development, environment, fire and flammable goods, and laser irradiation and ionizing radiation
  • Web organisation: Editors for the school's internal and external pages
  • School staff: All school staff listed in the KTH staff catalog