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Business trip

Take the following steps when you are about to undertake a business trip.

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Before the trip: travel request and book your trip

Is this your first business trip at KTH?

If you have not travelled during your time at KTH, start by updating your travel profile .
If you are unsure about any step - contact .

1. Travel request

Before you book your trip, you must create a travel request to be approved by your supervisor or manager. You do this to protect yourself: to make sure that the travel insurance is valid during the trip and that your expense report will be approved. Exceptions: if the trip is shorter than 100 km from the KTH campus, no travel request is needed.

2. Book your trip

All trips should be booked by KTH's procured travel agency Egencia. You may therefore not buy a ticket directly with the airline or a web-based agency.

See here for a step-by-step description of how to proceed.

3. Look over your insurance coverage

You should bring with you:

  • The service insurance certificate that you order from Service Center .

  • If you are traveling within the EU: The European Health Insurance Card, which you order from Försäkringskassan

Read more about insurance during a business trip .

During the trip: contact in case of illness or emergency

Here is contact information and instructions for illness or other emergencies

Contact information to KTH:s Travel Agency, Egencia

Contact information for KTH:s Travel Agency, Egencia

Save receipts

Always save original receipts from the trip, as you need them for your travel bill. Tickets purchased with the mobile phone may also be reimbursed (print screen and print on paper).

After the trip: travel bill

Create a travel bill

When you return from your trip, you should create a travel bill in KTH-Res. 

Consider the following:

  • KTH only reimburses travel bills/documents that are up to one year old.

  • Receipts that do not have anything to do with the trip should not be included in the travel bill for the trip - you will have to make a separate expense report for this.

  • Attach the following documents in "Attachments":
    • Itinerary from the travel agency, showing the booked flights.
    • All invoices, receipts or bank statements as proof of payment. If receipts are missing, please attach the intended form signed by the head of the division.  
    • Exchange note or bank statement showing the actual exchange rate.
    • Conference program/agenda for meeting/invitation to meeting.
    • Comments regarding exceptions to the use of procured suppliers.

Travel Expense Specifications

When you have filled out your travel expenses you should send the printed expense report and the original paper receipts (not digital). You can leave it in the mailbox for outgoing internal mail. Note that Travel and Expenses has a new address from 1 September 2023.

Address outgoing internal mail

Travel and Expenses, Malvinas väg 10, floor 3.

Address outside of KTH

KTH EECS, Attention: Travel and expenses, Malvinas väg 10, 114 28 Stockholm.