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Travel for guests

Here is what to do when you have a guest who is going to travel and visit EECS.

Service center can book trip, hotel and ground transportation for your guests.

It is very important that we follow the rules of KTH and Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency) and that there is a valid purpose of the trip.

Contact us in good time

Please contact us at least three weeks before your guest's travel.

How to book a trip for your guest

  1. Contact Service Center by filling out the travel form  (by KTH employee/host, not the traveler).
    If you have a group booking, please email us at

  2. Service center contacts the guest traveler to get the information we need to make the booking.

  3. When the traveler provides with the information needed, Service Center makes the booking through KTH's travel agent.

  4. If the traveler has expenses that are to be reimbursed or emoluments to be administered, Service Center ensures that this is done in collaboration with HR.

Remuneration and expense claims

Please note that KTH does not reimburse private living expenses, including meals.

Needed from you as a KTH host

In order to reimburse your guest, you need to provide the following:

  • What the guest should have in terms of remuneration or expense claims.
  • Project number that will cover the cost. 
  • Information about the nature of the guest's work her at KTH during the visit.

Needed from the guest 

In order to make a payment to a guest we need:

  • A filled out payment details form.
  • If not a Swedish resident: passport copy. 
  • In case of expense claims: original copies of receipts.

Pay accommodation for guest researchers

The basic principle is that work is compensated through salary. In cases where you want to pay the rent for someone who is not employed, this should always be preceded by a SINK application with the Swedish Tax Agency. The SINK application must be made in all cases where the school pays for the accommodation, even for those who only stay a night or two. It is the Swedish Tax Agency that decides whether someone is liable to tax or not. It is only the company signatory who, under the delegation order, have the right to sign rental agreements for guest researchers. As a rule, the Head of School is a company signer. These agreements may not exceed 6 months. If an individual wants a housing solution that exceeds 6 months, the individual needs to solve this on their own.

SINK - special incomce tax

For guests residing abroad or who have been living in Sweden for less than six months, KTH applies for special income tax for foreign residents, so called SINK. KTH submits the SINK application to the Swedish Tax Agency, together with a copy of a valid passport. If the application is granted, the guest does not have to file a tax return in Sweden. The EECS professional support assists foreign guests with the SINK application. Please note that it usually takes at least 12-16 weeks for the application to be processed, whereby the payment may be processed by the KTH central salary department.


Contact us at Service Center if you want to know more about travel for guests:  or 08-790 40 00