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EECS has two bicycles that school staff may borrow for business-related travels.

How to borrow a bicycle

  • Staff may borrow the bicycles for business-related travels (e.g. between our buildings or to meetings)
  • Staff may book it maximum one week in advance
  • Staff may borrow during the daytime. It is not allowed to keep the bike for the night
  • There is one bicycle at Service Center Borggården (Lindstedtsvägen 3) and one at Servicer Center Q (Malvinas väg 10)
  • You book it yourself through Outlook or webmail 
  • Be sure to book it so that you have a margin to collect it and return it within Service Center ´s opening hours.
  • You must pick up and return the bicycle at the same Service Center

Booking calendars

There is one calendar per bicycle and Service Center

  • Borggården: eecs-bicycle-borggarden
  • Q: eecs-bicycle-q

Make your reservation with your first- and surname and the period you want to book it for. You can make your reservation directly in the calender which you will find in the adress book.