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Information about parking at KTH campus and KTH Kista

Parking stickers for 2024

The parking permits for 2024 has finally arrived!

Welcome to collect your new sticker in your closest Service Center. 

Parking at KTH campus

Around our main campus there are parking spaces where anyone can park for a fee and KTH staff can park at a reduced staff fee. For the staff fee to be valid you need a small sticker with the current year. The sticker can be collected from any of our service centers. See link below to KTH Entré for parking rates.

Link to map from Akademiska Hus of the main campus including parking spaces

Information about parking from KTH Entré

Parking at KTH Kista

Parking in Electrum – monthly parking (for permit holders)

KTH rents a number of parking spaces from Akademiska Hus, which we in turn sublet to our employees in the garages on Isafjordsgatan 18 A (Electrum 1) or Isafjordsgatan 32 (Electrum 3). As an employee you rent them on a monthly basis and the payment is deducted directly from your salary.

To get on the waiting list for a parking space, please contact .

The parking permit you recieved is only valid in one of our garages (Electrum 1 or Electrum 3). The parkingspaces are also marked with a KTH logo and a blue line. Remember to also avoid the visitor parking spaces! Please make sure to park your car in the right garage and space to avoid a parking ticket. If you are unsure about where to park or if you have questions, please contact Service Center.

Parking in Electrum – daily basis (for everyone)

In the garage at Electrum 1 (Isafjordsgatan 18) there are 10 public parking spaces (spaces number 101-111) where you pay per hour (or SEK 70 for a day) to park. These are usually full after 8:00 in the morning, so be here early in the morning if you would like to use one of those spaces.

Bicycle parking

For bikers there are a numbe of parking spots available in the garage at Isafjordsgatan 18. Click the link for a map to the parking space for bicycles: Electrum Bicycle parking  (jpg 748 kB)

Visitor parking

There are no free guest parking spaces in Electrum, but there are some pay per hour spaces in the Electrum garage (the first ten spaces to the left after entering the garage). If they are full guests may resort to street parking or other pay per hour garages in the area (for example Kista Galleria).