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Taxi for employees and guests

Information about taxi bookings for employees and guests.

Taxi for employees

KTH's travel policy means that taxi travels should be used sparingly and public transport should be used as much as possible. Environmental taxis and sharing a car should always be used whenever possible.

If you are using a taxi for a business trip you should book your car with CABONLINE. Stockholms University has procured framework agreements for taxi services, which KTH can also order from (so-called application agreements).

The agreement is signed with two suppliers, Sverigetaxi and TaxiKurir, which have a joint ordering center Cabonline (NOTE: Do not book directly with the suppliers Sverigetaxi or TaxiKurir). The agreement covers the purchase and delivery of taxi services (to and from the airport/train and other taxi journeys) throughout the Stockholm region.

Read more about KTH's taxi agreement and how to download the booking app on KTH's intranet.

Taxi for guests

If the guest should to pay his own taxi fare, you may book with any taxi company. If KTH pays for the trip, it is important to follow the framework agreements. You can always ask Service Center to book:

or, if in a hurry, call 08-790 40 00

We need to know

  • Name of traveler

  • Mobile number to traveler

  • Pick-up/drop-off

  • Flight number and terminal for travel to/from Arlanda

  • Whether it is the guest himself or the KTH who has to pay (about KTH: inboice reference/sakattest) and purpose of the trip