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  • Facelift for the research support pages

    Published Nov 06, 2023

    The part of KTH's intranet that targets researchers has received a facelift. The entry has been updated with new content and features, becoming a hub for information, support materials, and contacts t...

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  • KTH tests ways to merge digital studies with physical presence

    Teacher teaching in a classroom
    KTH will broaden its recruitment through a new form of education. The idea is not for KTH teachers to go to learning centres to teach, but instead the courses are offered via Zoom. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Nov 01, 2023

    How can KTH Royal Institute of Technology improve its country-wide recruitment? Can digital education still maintain a good social study environment? These are two questions KTH is trying to answer in...

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  • How to improve personal interaction

    Group discussions at a workshop
    Group discussions at one of Ove Strind's workshops. Photo: Emma Ohlsson
    Published Oct 30, 2023

    KTH's efforts to improve the working climate are ongoing. It will be a win-win for everyone, says Hanna Tegel, group manager at CBH and one of 19 'coaches' who lead group exercises in the Treatment an...

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  • Former President of KTH Sigbritt Karlsson has passed away

    Portrait of Sigbritt Karlsson.
    Sigbritt Karlsson former President of KTH during six years.
    Published Oct 30, 2023

    Sigbritt Karlsson, former President of KTH, has passed away after a period of illness. She began her role as President on 12 November 2016 and concluded last November.

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  • KTH's commitment in Africa grows

    A map of Africa
    KTH is working in more collaborations in research, education and innovation in eastern and southern Africa. (Photo: Fernando Barozza)
    Published Oct 10, 2023

    KTH is investing in further developing its collaborations in education, research and innovation with universities in eastern and southern Africa. "We work for collaboration on equal terms that will ...

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  • Participation boom in KTH's short courses

    Teacher put up post it notes on the whiteboard
    KTH offers more than 200 courses on everything from ethical hacking to cognitive science within the framework of Lifelong Learning. Photo: Jason Goodman/Unsplash
    Published Oct 05, 2023

    Last year, the number of applications and admissions to KTH's independent courses for professionals increased by 60 percent from term to term. The percentage of those completing the course was also si...

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  • In-depth analyses of Södertälje and Kista in the campus review

    The different campuses.
    Two new reports is the next step in the overview of KTH´s campuses.
    Published Oct 03, 2023

    The in-depth analyses in the ongoing review of KTH's campuses are now complete. The studies show in clear figures and facts what it may mean to move operations from the Södertälje and Kista campuses ...

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  • More straightforward resource allocation on proposal

    Students in the library
    A review of how KTH's resources should be distributed has resulted in a series of proposals.
    Published Oct 03, 2023

    A model that better matches KTH today. This was one of the main ideas behind the investigation into how resources are allocated at KTH. "By reducing complexity, we want to try to create a more stra...

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  • KTH Researchers Gear Up for Upcoming Forskar Grand Prix

    Published Sep 26, 2023

    In the Forskar Grand Prix, aspiring young researchers vie to convey their research in the most accessible and compelling manner within four minutes while facing scrutiny from a jury.

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  • A User-Friendly Visual Identity

    KTH-logotype with different bakgrounds.
    Published Sep 25, 2023

    KTH is now receiving an updated visual identity that is more flexible, consistent, and better suited for digital channels. The revision is the result of a productive collaboration with employees from ...

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  • Campus that promotes community

    A group of people taking a selfie.
    Caroline Arehult, CEO of Akademiska hus, takes a selfie with all the speakers at the opening of Albano (Photo: Christer Gummeson).
    Published Sep 22, 2023

    With speeches, a quiz and the symbolic watering of an oak tree, the Albano campus was inaugurated. The hope is that the campus will strengthen the ties between KTH and Stockholm University, and promot...

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  • Faculty Boards are built for the future

    People working together in a lab.
    From the first of January next year, the new Faculty Boards will be in place for increased collegial influence and responsibility. (Photo: KTH)
    Published Sep 07, 2023

    From 1 January next year, the new Faculty Boards will be in place and up and running at each school. “We hope that a lot of people will take the opportunity to help influence their school’s developm...

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  • Review of special research initiatives

    Reserachers working i a laboratory.
    Special research initiatives will be overviewed this autumn.
    Published Sep 05, 2023

    Research centres, platforms, strategic partnerships, research infrastructures and strategic research areas. These are all part of KTH’s range of special research initiatives, and they will now be revi...

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  • They look forward to an exciting autumn

    Published Sep 05, 2023

    Anders Söderholm, President of KTH and Mikael Lindström, Deputy President are looking forward to the new academic year and talk about the work going on at KTH, such as campus review, new vision and ne...

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  • Safe and supportive atmosphere in KTH's staff choir

    A number of people are standing in a circle holding a piece of paper in their hands. A guitarist is
    The choir gathered in the lunchroom at Brinellvägen 8 where the first rehearsal of the semester took place. Photo: KTH
    Published Sep 01, 2023

    The KTH Staff Choir is up and running for the autumn semester, and they welcome every staff member who enjoys singing with others. Everyone is welcome, from complete novices to seasoned pros. No previ...

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  • Does the security situation affect KTH?

    Security camera
    Photo: Mourya Pranay on Unsplash
    Published Aug 22, 2023

    Recently, the Swedish Security Service raised the terrorism threat level in Sweden. The increase is a signal to all relevant societal actors that it's important to continue working to reduce the risk ...

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  • Anonymous examination could be introduced next year

    Students writing an examination.
    Starting next year, KTH will introduce an anonymous examination. (Photo: KTH)
    Published Jun 27, 2023

    From spring term next year, KTH could be anonymising exam answers. This is the objective of a President’s decision at the end of May.

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  • “It’s about ensuring a functioning workday for everyone”

    Two women and a man stand leaning over a glass case. In the stand there is a model of the KTH Campus
    The project group consisting of Marie Larsson, Hans Wohlfarth and Charlotta Andersson Lund works to ensure that the support within the infrastructure is more coordinated and becomes more equivalent between the schools and between the different campuses. Photo: Magnus Glans.
    Published Jun 26, 2023

    KTH’s service functions are now being mapped, and lab safety is under review. The project group working on infrastructure in the merger project also discerns a need to define a number of roles and are...

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  • Tunnel boring under KTH Campus

    An aerial photo over KTH Campus, showing lots of buildnings and trees.
    Flygfoto över KTH Campus. Photo: Karlberg media AB.
    Published Jun 26, 2023

    A tunnel for electric cable is to be bored beneath KTH Campus, and a ventilation tower will be built in the campus area. The project is owned and managed by Svenska kraftnät and is part of a major inf...

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  • Amelie Eriksson Karlström new Head of School at CBH

    Portrait of Amelie Eriksson Karlström.
    Amelie Erksson Karlström is the new Head of School at CBH från the first of July in accordance with a President´s decision.
    Published Jun 21, 2023

    Amelie Eriksson Karlström is appointed Head of the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH). She has been acting Head of School since January 1, 2023.

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