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  • Energy and motivation dip during the pandemic

    Portrait of Teo Elmfeldt.
    Teo Elmfeldt, chair of the School Council at the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI), feels it is important that teachers are attuned to student needs during distance learning. (Photo: Fysiksektionen)
    Published Feb 09, 2021

    What’s it like to be a student during a pandemic? Up and down. The greater distance between teachers and students has affected the quality of education, Master’s Student Teo Elmfeldt, believes. “It i...

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  • How will Swedish KTH students be affected by Brexit?

    English flag and an EU flag
    Published Feb 04, 2021

    What changes can students at KTH expect now Britain is no longer a member of the EU? We asked Åsa Carlsson, Head of Division at the International Relations Office, IRO, at KTH.

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  • Students and supervisors like clarity and deadlines

    Portrait photo: Anita Kullen in front of a bookshelf.
    Anita Kullen Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Jan 26, 2021

    Hello there, Anita Kullen. In addition to being an associate professor, you're also responsible for the bachelor's thesis course in the EECS School's program for electrical engineering. The course is ...

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  • He received the prize for transforming KTH’s teaching during the pandemic

    Stefan Stenbom sitting in front of a table. Behind him is a bookshelf.
    Stefan Stenbom Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Jan 26, 2021

    Hello there Stefan Stenbom, lecturer at the ITM School's Department of Learning. When KTH quickly switched from traditional education to digital teaching this spring, you were tasked with leading and ...

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  • About the salary process

    Published Jan 18, 2021

    During 2020 the central agreements where postponed due to the current pandemic. However, the central and local agreements have now been negotiated and the salary review can therefore take place.

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  • Team IT Support won KTH Active Together

    Photo collage of two dogs, gym session on TV, a woman in nature and a man in a bicycle helmet.
    The training sessions were carried out during November and December and the participants posted pictures from their various activities in the competition app We +.
    Published Jan 15, 2021

    This autumn’s session of the KTH Active Together competition during November and December attracted 739 employees that carried out different types of exercises, either individually or in a team and as...

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  • Fun Zoom activities made Christmas less lonely

    The invitations to the various activities that the students could sign up for.
    The invitations to the various activities that the students could sign up for.
    Published Jan 15, 2021

    Hello there Alexandra Leyton, communications officer at EECS. You were the project manager for social activities for international students at EECS during the Christmas holidays. What led you to launc...

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  • Finnveden leaves his position as Vice President

    Published Jan 14, 2021

    After almost ten years Göran Finnveden leaves his position as Vice President for Sustainable Development at KTH. “He has done a tremendous job and implemented changes that mean we are well positioned...

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  • How have exams worked at KTH during the pandemic?

    Stefan Stenbom portrait
    Published Jan 04, 2021

    How is the exam process working today? What solutions are now being used when exam rooms with written papers are largely being replaced with digital alternatives? We asked Stefan Stenbom and Elin Lin...

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  • New Head of School at EECS

    Published Dec 15, 2020

    Welcome to KTH, Sonja Berlijn, our new Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). How does it feel?

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  • Towards brighter times

    Published Dec 15, 2020

    The past year has been characterized by the pandemic and how it has affected us all. In their Christmas greeting, KTH’s President Sigbritt Karlsson and University Director Kerstin Jacobsson summarize ...

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  • Hi Hanna Sundelin, Master of Ceremonies at KTH

    Hanna Sundelin
    Published Dec 14, 2020

    It is now time for the traditional graduation ceremony at Stockholm City Hall. How is this being arranged in a Covid-secure way? “The ceremony is being held on four occasions, and will be fully digit...

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  • KTH Academic Orchestra wishes a Merry Christmas

    Published Dec 11, 2020

    With this Christmas greeting, from the musicians of The KTH Academic Orchestra, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope that you will have a smooth, wonderful Christmas, like a Sleigh Ride thr...

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  • Fun together on Zoom after work

    Published Dec 01, 2020

    How do we create social interaction with colleagues at a time when so much of our work is being done remotely? While many of us are now accustomed to taking meetings over Zoom, the level of everyday s...

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  • The psychological effects of working from home during the pandemic

    A man in a sofa leaning his head against his hand
    “Many people are starting to find it tough to be at home so much. It was OK in the spring, then came summer and the holidays, and we are now back in the same situation working from home. It is affecting us,” says Margareta Kucera, a psychologist at Avonova. Photo: Nik Shuliahin, Unsplash
    Published Nov 26, 2020

    After eight months of a digital reset and working from home, how are employees actually feeling in their new work circumstances? “Many people admit to struggling to find the motivation to get themsel...

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  • Review of KTH's campuses

    Published Nov 25, 2020

    Sigbritt Karlsson, good to catch up. You have just made the decision to commission a review of the five KTH campuses. What is the thinking behind this?

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  • “Everyone is entitled to a healthy and safe work environment”

    Published Nov 13, 2020

    Hello there Peter Bergman, project manager within the alumni operations at the University Administration (GVS) and since June also new principal safety representative at GVS. Why did you want that job...

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  • Teaching is trying during the pandemic

    Sign with corona information
    This autumn campuses have been equipped with hand sanitiser, signs and distance markings. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Oct 28, 2020

    Teaching in a Covid secure way and at the same time maintaining a good educational level, can the two go together? We asked several teachers about how education on campus is working this autumn.

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  • Virtual tour for prospective students

    Screenshot showing a film containing a female student on KTH Campus.
    Screenshot from the virtual campus tour that includes, among other things, ten different films about campus life at KTH.
    Published Oct 14, 2020

    Hello there Daniel Lindmark, communications officer in international student recruitment and project manager of the virtual campus tour that was recently launched on the web. Why does KTH need one? ...

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  • Help us improve Sweden’s education statistics

    Published Oct 07, 2020

    The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) would like KTH’s international staff to pay attention to the survey described below. Login information has been sent home by post from UKÄ to the persons c...

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