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  • Employees about working remotely

    Man in front of a window.
    Working from home is attractive to many - according to a KTH survey about the digital workplace
    Published Sep 24, 2021

    A questionnaire was organised in June about working from home during the pandemic. What were the results concerning the digital workplace?

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  • New working hours agreement for teachers – what has changed

    Wall clock on a grey wall
    Published Sep 20, 2021

    The working hours agreement for teachers dating from 1999 has now been updated and modernised. “Our hope in the negotiating group has been to reach a new agreement that will contribute to benefiting ...

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  • When restrictions are lifted

    A lot of peole in front of a brick building.
    There will be no limits for how many people that can gather at campus from 29 September.
    Published Sep 20, 2021

    From 29 September, other official Covid restrictions will be removed. The effects this will have for KTH include the end of restrictions on the number of people in premises at the same time. Education...

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  • New KTH-RES is simpler and more modern

    Published Sep 03, 2021

    Our KTH-RES travel management system has been updated to an all-new version. The updated system includes a new and more modern user interface, and users can access several smart new functions.

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  • Recruitment of next president has begun

    Portrait of Pia Sandvik.
    Pia Sandvik, CEO at Rise, and Chair of the KTH Board and Nomination Committee leads the recriutment of the next president.
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    The recruitment process for a new president for KTH, who will take office in December 2022, has now begun. “Sigbritt Karlsson has chosen not to continue for another three years. This is sad news as s...

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  • Free Badminton or Indoor Bandy playing opportunity at KTH-Hallen

    Published Aug 31, 2021
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  • Back to work– what to think about

    Person in front of computer seen through a window
    Different individuals in a work group will feel differently about coming back to work in person. "Everyone will have experienced the pandemic in their own way, and it is important that co-workers respect each other’s differences,” says psychologist Margareta Kucera.
    Published Aug 25, 2021

    While some of us have appreciated working from home, others have hated it. And while some of us are looking forward to returning to the workplace, others feel they will be under greater stress there. ...

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  • Innovations for a more vibrant campus

    Portrait photo: A blond woman wearing av dark green blouse standing in a library.
    Lisa Ericsson, foto: Tobias Ohlsson.
    Published Aug 17, 2021

    Hi Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation. In September, you will start the Future Campus Challenge together with Akademiska Hus to see how the work environment on campus can be improved both physicall...

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  • Clearer communication to students in prospect

    Two young men and a young woman sitting around a table. A brick building in the background.
    Students sitting and studying together outdoors.
    Published Aug 16, 2021

    Students at KTH feel the information they get from KTH is unclear, fragmented, and communicated in too many channels. Representatives from KTH and THS have therefore joined forces in a project to deve...

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  • They defied the heat and triumphed

    Collage with people who train, ride and practice yoga.
    Outdoor exercise, body building horse riding and yoga were just some of the activities that the winning teams in this year’s KTH Active Together engaged in. (Photo: KTH)
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    Despite the early summer heatwave, over 500 KTH employees exercised and socialised as part of KTH Active Together. The winners can now be named – both who did the most exercise and who did the most to...

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  • How to reach out with your research

    Published Jun 23, 2021

    Three researchers at KTH share their own experiences of disseminating their research findings, and they advise on strategies and channels to gain many citations.

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  • Summer greeting from KTH Academic Orchestra

    Published Jun 17, 2021

    The KTH Academic, covid-customized, Orchestra wish all of the teachers, personnel and students at KTH a wonderful summer.

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  • Experts to assess KTH research remotely

    Photo: A smiling woman in a blond haircut wearing glasses.
    Annika Stensson Trigell Vice President for Research. Photo: Håkan Lindgren
    Published Jun 15, 2021

    The week-long visit for RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) 2021 will soon be upon us. From 23 to 27 August, around 100 international experts will assess KTH research and present their preliminary conc...

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  • Questions about the digital workplace

    A cup and a computerscreen with a lot of faces.
    How it has been to work remotely is mapped with the help of a questionnaire.
    Published Jun 14, 2021

    A questionnaire has been sent to all employees about the digital work environment during the pandemic. What is this all about, Jan Gulliksen Vice President for Digitalisation?

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  • A summer greeting to one KTH

    Published Jun 14, 2021

    Together, we have managed to conduct research, education and business support in a good way - despite the pandemic. Now we can look forward to a real and restful holiday and then an exciting autumn. T...

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  • From pandemic to pedagogical progress

    Students in a library.
    This autumn there will be a mix of digital and psysical education.
    Published Jun 02, 2021

    Hi, Leif Kari, Vice President for Education. The President issued a decision on 1 June concerning how education is to be organised at KTH this autumn and onwards. What does this entail?

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  • The staff will return to campus this autumn

    Portrait of the President of KTH.
    President Sigbritt Karlsson welcomes all staff back to campus in the autumn.
    Published May 26, 2021

    Hi Sigbritt Karlsson, President of KTH. On 25 May, you made the decision concerning adapting workplace activities in summer 2021. What does it mean?

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  • Green projects on the KTH Campus

    A bicycle shelter built of metal with lattice walls.
    The image shows a standard cycle shelter design. KTH has chosen a modified version with perforated metal panels in the mid-section of the sides for greater security. The cycle shelters will have a sedum roof. It is a sustainable living green roof that will absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Photo: Akademiska Hus.
    Published May 21, 2021

    A green lease, solar panels, and safe cycle shelters are examples of projects where KTH and Akademiska Hus work together for a greener campus. It is also in line with KTH’s aim of a more sustainable c...

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  • Let's Activate Together

    Published May 07, 2021

    Now it's time to sign up for this spring's KTH Active Together, which starts on 18 May. Here are some previous and future participants about what they like about the competition.

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  • Error in the Time Report week 18 Thursday - Friday which needs to be corrected by the employee

    Published May 04, 2021

    The information below concerns all personnel who use Tidrapport 2021 (the Excel document that counts flex time).

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