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  • ‘We want research support to reach out wider’

    Three women standing on a staircase
    For Lisa, Maria and Maria the road to a joint support services function is about finding common ground and having clearer communication for example. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
    Published Dec 20, 2022

    As part of the joint support services’ ongoing development work, mapping and analysis is being carried out in several support areas, including those in scientific research. “We hope this work will ...

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  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Published Dec 13, 2022

    That´s the wish from Anders Söderholm, President of KTH and Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director to all of you at KTH in this year´s Christmas Greeting.

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  • New President of KTH installed

    A man in front of a podium holding a speech.
    Anders Söderholm holding a speech right after being installed as President at KTH.
    Published Dec 06, 2022

    Anders Söderholm is KTH’s twentieth president, but the first to be installed in office with a ceremony. The transition from one president to another was celebrated under formal circumstances in the ...

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  • Summing up after six years as President

    Woman standing behind a sculpture.
    Sigbritt Karlsson behind a new sculpture dedicated to her in the library.
    Published Nov 29, 2022

    In the past six years, you have pretty much been able to set your watch by Sigbritt Karlsson. Every morning, regardless of the weather and the pandemic, she has come walking up Drottning Kristinas Väg...

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  • Mikael Lindström becomes Deputy President of KTH

    Portrait of Mikael Lindström
    Mikael Lindström has been appointed Deputy President for KTH, starting from 1 January 2023. (Photo; Jon Lindhe)
    Published Nov 29, 2022

    The KTH board of directors has appointed Mikael Lindström, Professor in Pulp Technology and Head of School at CBH, as the Deputy President of KTH. He will take up his post on 1 January. “I am delight...

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  • The next step in KTH's digitalization

    Girl in front of screen.
    The user is in focus in the recently decided Digitalization Strategy.
    Published Nov 29, 2022

    KTH’s digitalization strategy for the next five years has been decided by the President and now has to be realised. “In order to reduce the administrative burden and drive the operation’s developme...

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  • New Operational Plan shows the way

    KTH´s five campuses.
    The Operational Plan, which the President decided on 22 November, sets out the direction for KTH in the coming years.
    Published Nov 23, 2022

    The KTH Operational Plan for 2023–25 stakes out the direction and strategic focus for the university over the next few years. “We are tying up loose ends by completing and delivering on various exist...

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  • Easier to do the right thing

    The brochure is intended to facilitate in tricky situations regarding ethics and behaviour.
    Published Nov 22, 2022

    What do you do if a supplier simply insists on buying you Christmas dinner? Or if a student wants to show you, their teacher, their appreciation with a gift of some nice tea? The brochure Corruption ...

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  • “It’s great that we could help students and researchers so quickly”

    Man with blue shirt and scarf in front of a picture of the KTH Campus.
    Fredrik Oldsjö started working with the Ukraine group on his first day at KTH. Photo: Marc Femenia.
    Published Nov 17, 2022

    A lot of people have been involved with the researchers and students from Ukraine who are now a part of KTH. It has been a team effort, and many at KTH are rightly proud.

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  • Time to nominate teachers for the university board

    Man in blue shirt standing in a corridor.
    Per Berglund, chairman of the election committee, is looking forward to the start of the nomination process. Photo: Jon Lindhe
    Published Nov 11, 2022

    From now, all employees at KTH will have the possibility to nominate teachers for the university board. A total of three teachers will be elected as board members. "Teachers offer an extremely importa...

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  • KTH criticised by UKÄ

    A campus.
    UKÄ directs serious criticism at KTH in a supervisory matter.
    Published Oct 28, 2022

    The Swedish Higher Education Authority, abbreviated UKÄ, has directed serious criticism at KTH for shortcomings in its procedure for nominating professors.

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  • Proposed Deputy President about KTH’s future

    Mikael Lindström in front of a table.
    Mikael Lindström Head of School at CBH and final candidat as Deputy President. (Photo: Jon Lindhe)
    Published Oct 26, 2022

    A trust-based organisation, KTH’s vital role in sustainable development, developing lifelong learning, and boosting KTH’s experimental environments. These were some of the matters raised by Mikael Li...

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  • ‘Everyone at KTH will get the HR support they need’

    Woman in white blouse and glasses next to a short-haired woman in black.
    Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel at KTH and Johanna Stellan, Administrative Head at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment are working on this HR initiative together. Photo: Theresia Köhlin
    Published Oct 24, 2022

    The journey towards shared support services is in full swing. This spring, due diligence was carried out in seven area groups, and now more detailed work is taking place within each respective group. ...

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  • New process of delegation for research contracts

     Smiling woman looking into the camera.
    Annika Stensson Trigell, Professor and Vice President for Research has experience of working with both the old and the new delegation process. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
    Published Oct 18, 2022

    Previously, the process of delegation for research contracts at KTH was perceived as unclear, mainly by researchers and support staff but also by decision-makers. However, following a revision, the ne...

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  • New guidelines for KTH competence centres

    Woman in blue blouse outdoors.
    The assignment to review the guidelines for competence centres has been led by Annika Stensson Trigell, professor and vice-rector for research at KTH. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg.
    Published Oct 18, 2022

    New guidelines for the competence centres have been approved, providing a clearer framework that will strengthen KTH’s competence centres. In connection with this, KTH has also produced support materi...

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  • New strategy for KTH's digitalization

    Woman in front of big screen holding a cell phone.
    The digititalization strategy shows the way for KTH's digital transformation in the coming years. (Photo: Mario Romero Vega)
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    One of the guiding principles of KTH’s digitalization strategy is that digitalization directly equates to operational development. The strategy is a general document that shows the way forward for KTH...

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  • How KTH could be affected by dramatic rises in rent and electricity prices

    Susanne Odung standing in front of a window
    What will be the effects when KTH’s total rental and electricity costs are expected to rise by an estimated SEK 100 million over the coming year? “We might for example have to terminate some rental contracts, condense workplaces in office environments, and reduce investment in new construction,” says Susanne Odung, Head of KTH’s Finance Office.
    Published Oct 04, 2022

    KTH’s rental costs are expected to increase by SEK 80 million ahead of 2023, a consequence of dramatic inflation. Electricity prices are also going up an estimated SEK 14 million over the next year. A...

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  • Fresh thinking key in lifelong learning

    Portrait of Anders Johansson.
    Coordinator Anders Johansson urges KTH teachers to speak to their colleagues and managers about how to develop courses for lifelong learning. (Photo: Private)
    Published Oct 03, 2022

    The need for competence development is growing as society changes and technology progresses at a faster pace. More and more people need to develop their education throughout their working life. How ca...

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  • Strategy for success in Horizon Europe

    Annika Stensson Trigell with KTH campus in the background.
    Annika Stensson Trigell Vice President for Research.
    Published Sep 21, 2022

    After a year with KTH’s new EU strategy, it already appears to be producing results in the 9th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe (2021–2027). ​​​​​​​“Through strong, ...

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  • KTH has a new whistleblower function

    Two smiling women look into the camera.
    Together with other colleagues in a dedicated working group, Maria Palma-Hakim and Maria Östman have set up the whistleblower function. Photo: Theresia Köhlin
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    As of July, KTH has an internal whistleblowing system in place – a reporting channel for KTH staff to report internal irregularities to. “It gives our organisation the security to raise serious concer...

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